WATCH: 60-Day Community Check-In

We appreciate the more than 70 CEID community members who joined our 60-Day Community Check-In to discuss topics related to the 90-Day Reset, Central Eastside Together Services and public safety. The next 30 days are critical, and we invite you to provide input via the survey link below to inform CET’s program direction in the upcoming year.

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  • Cleaning services are available M-F 8-4:30 pm and can be requested via phone (503) 236.6830 or email We can help with removing litter, bio-waste and bio-hazards, abandoned camps, dumped furniture or large items.
  • Safety services are available 24/7  except 7:30-8am. Services can be requested via phone 503.236.6830 x702 or via email
  • If you are business or property owner located on Burnside, MLK Or Grand with a large tree in front of your property, and you have not received an email from us, but would like to participate in our tree-lighting effort, please email

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