Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services are provided to all who live, work, and visit the Central Eastside. Our cleaning services are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, and can remove litter, dumped items, or bio-hazards. To reach our cleaning teams, contact:

Phone: 503-236-6830 EXT. 700

Services we provide

  • We service the Central Eastside Industrial District, defined by the area between I-84 and Powell Blvd., and from the Waterfront to 12th Ave.  
  • Crews will remove
    • Trash from abandoned camps
    • Litter and debris
    • Bio-hazards (defined as urine, feces, blood, and needles. Bio-hazards are a priority, please specify if you are seeking the removal of bio-hazards when contacting the crews.)

Services we do not provide

We do not remove outdoor residents.

Central City Concern’s crews do not move outdoor residents from their sites or participate in “sweeps.” Crews will clean around active camps, provide outdoor residents with resources to clean their areas, and collect trash bags from campers. Service providers are not allowed to touch the personal property of outdoor residents. If you need to report a camp near your business, please call 3-1-1.

We do not remove abandoned automobiles.

Removing abandoned automobiles is a basic service provided by the City of Portland through the Portland Bureau of Transportation. If you have identified an abandoned auto, please report it to PBOT by calling 311.

We cannot clean Multnomah County Property.

This includes bridges, retaining walls, bridge signs, or bridge columns as they are a protected class for Multnomah County.  Please report impacted areas to

Our partnership with Central City Concern

Central Eastside Together works with our cleaning contractor Central City Concern to provide cleaning services for the Central Eastside Industrial District. Central City Concern’s mission is to keep neighborhoods free of litter and debris and provide residents of encampments with resources to maintain a safe and hygienic environment. Central City Concern’s Clean Start program provides cleaners impacted by homelessness an opportunity to work and gain experience and confidence to pursue employment opportunities in a mentored six-month work experience.

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