July 2019 Minutes

Land Use and Urban Development Committee
Central Eastside Industrial Council
Meeting Minutes
Date: July 9, 2019
Place: Goodwill Industries
1943 SE Sixth Avenue

Present: Peter Finley Fry, Kate Merrill, Lee Leighton, Jason Tand, Melissa Hayden, Todd
DeNeffe, Susan Pearce, Linda Nettekoven, Julie Bennet, Shannon Wiltz, Michelle Sprague, and
Karen Williams.
Guests: Ken Wilson and Curtis.

OMSI Master Plan
OMSI is developing a Master plan and presenting it to Portland’s design commission for
approval. The circulation and generalized land uses was presented. The drat master plan
builds on previous work including the SE Quadrant Plan. OMSI has a 1/3 mille of waterfront.
Challenges include the railroad and
physical isolation due to freeway and highway ramps. Opportunities include direct connection to
the west side through the new bridge; the Innovation Quadrant, Waterfront Innovative Park, The
ring road and waterfront are the highest priorities. The plan does include a new bridge (or
access) across the rail lines form the southeast neighborhoods.
The City created a technical committee to facilitate the development of utilities and the
waterfront. Various public and funding methods have been suggested including a “spot” urban
Renewal designation. The next hearing before the design commission will be in September.

Central Eastside does not have any public spaces or parks except for the esplanade. This is
despite its central location and substantial amount of housing being built in the mixed use areas.
Land is not available for parks because of the development pressure. Portland has a large fund
of capital park funds from the System Development Charges, but nowhere to spend it and not
funds to maintain or operate new (and existing parks). METRO has an innovation program
where public funds are used to “buy” public space such as squares, patios, pocket parks that
can be operated and maintained by private development. This program could be a model for

Central City in Motion
Vice-chair Peter Finley Fry was appointed to the task forces as an “at large” member. He does
not nor is he expected to represent CEIC. However, he will inform the committee including the
upcoming Public Open House on July 23rd at 5-7 pm at 70 NW Couch Street.

Neighborhood Associations
Portland is reexamining its framework for citizen involvement that could meet elimination of the
neighborhood structure. The structure is supposed to be a public structure that allows citizens
to participate within their own neighborhood and demand that the neighborhoods have open and
public meetings and notice. CEIC is a recognized business organization. The politics are not
important to CEIC. The result could be as CEIC is provided land use notices and the City
recently created a requirement for developers to present to neighborhood associations before
they could file their land use application. In addition, CEIC (with proper process) can appeal a
land use decision within the City without an appeal fee.

The meeting was adjourned.