April 2018 Land Use Minutes

1-5/I-84 Maintenance


Look online for the list of closures this summer

Rehabilitation project 4 ramps 1-5 to 1-84, structural overlays on 3 and sealed on 4. Overlays require closures. Really bad for traffic- how far backups will be. Impacts if noone changes.

Overlays, last repairs in the 90’s, closing each ramp for 2 weeks. 147,000 daily on this interchange. Working with City of Portland traffic engineers, work with law enforcement

Link for the most current dates, starting July 9th, 2018: http://www.oregon.gov/odot/projects/pages/project-details.aspx?project=19531

Even with a 20% usage change, they are predicting a backup on I-84 westbound to 148th, and on i205 a backup to glen jackson brg and clackamas town center


1-5nb to 1-84eb nighttime closures, date tbd, possibly weekend

1-5 paving work, closure of 1-5 NB betw marquam and Fremont full weekend closure July 28 to 30 or Aug 3 to 6th

Why all at once? More projects to come that will conflict with doing this over a long span. Concern for health of bridges over long term. More efficiencies, funding is allowed to them now.

Will have shortened website for us.

Sandy Storm Water- Adam Zucker

Added 4-6 more surface parking lots at Basecamp. Could be part of PBOT Central City in Motion (CCIM) project. 7th and Washington map interesting, 1% for green. was part of his original vision. Would like funds to improve that intersection. There could be a way to gain parking there and better ped access. Will reach out to Sysco on that block. BES has grants available.

CCIM Green Loop workshop. Green loop undefined improvements and not yet defined geographically. PFinleyFry remarked that bicycles and trucks interact well when they are going slow and Grand-King elephant in the room. Why is planning ignoring this area? Also, there was no process to pick 6th or 7th. Better Block project, PSU, to look at Grand King and improvements that could be made. Calm it and make it work more efficiently and better. BMalsin: the takeaway from the CCIM workshop, separation betw commuter and leisurely. 7th as commuter and 6th as leisurely. Not necessarily compatible. Encumbent for us to look at this reality.

SPearce: from the HAND neighborhood’s perspective, in the SE Quadrant plan, 6th and 7th were never chosen. HAND’s vision: 11th and 12th fit the desc of green loop in the HAND area already. SP and HAND have already made this recommendation. Never suggested removing freight. Division to Hawthorne on 11th and 12th, auto traffic needs to be calmed there. Brooklyn doesn’t want bikes on 11th and 12th. HAND doesn’t know why.

JT: Important to separate two bike uses. Family biking in middle of industrial district doesn’t make sense. That should be put in more residential. There is a logic in this split.

PFF: Formulate consensus with neighborhood and business necessary

Ken: Esplanade, river attracts families to the district

BM: Better signage, speed limit on esplanade. this is not a highway. how to enforce that. We need to come together ourselves, we need to go with our own vision. Produce a draft, include City and Commissioners. We are not an obstacle. Find out the right compromise.

Lee and Jason, maybe formulate a draft. Subcommittee of Land Use.

We need to have an opinion letter. OMSI letter? Feedback about what they would like to see in the district.

MZ: wants to have shared lanes on 11th and 12th rather than dedicated, doesn’t want to reduce parking, don’t want to jam into one lane.

PFF: We need to speak with one voice, some form of consensus.

2 pgr to send to

Issue- in land use process, this is a legal process with notice. Once notified you can participate through the whole process. City will start giving courtesy notices to neighborhoods, and now the City of Portland is looking at doing it here. One concern: in design review process, City is having pre-design meetings. There is no notice and no record. Design Consultation Meetings, this is a process of deliberation. He feels that great that BDS has preapp conference, but feel that  Design Consultation Meetings have gone too far in deliberation with no record.

SP- HAND is talking about this on April 17th. Changes on courtesy notice perplexing. Notices don’t always get to us in a timely fashion. With new plan, developer schedules mtg but it may not work for all involved. Timelines are such that notice and timing of meetings- no time to respond.

BM- Absolute must that we have timely notification, proof we have received adequate notice. Forge a collaborative letter from HAND and CEIC. Time to meet and form opinion- let’s speak to the rest of the neighborhoods. Show we have a collaborative effect. Kate will help write the letter and get notice/draft out to neighborhoods.

TPAC update: district shuttle coming on Water Av end of May, Transportation Open House in April, Clean Start program working in the district. Report to cleanstartceid@ccconcern.org

Esplanade Clean up with SOLVE and Comcast, 200 volunteers. CEIC Quarterly meeting coming up at the Custom Blocks.