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Cargo Inc.

How long have you been in the district? In a few sentences, could you tell us about the genesis of your business and its uniqueness?

Cargo moved to the Central Eastside in the fall of 2015, into a brick warehouse at Yamhill Street on the railroad tracks.  Cargo was founded by Patty Merrill over 20 years ago, out of a love for travel and a passion for hunting out unique home furnishings, textiles, and artifacts.  Ten years ago, interior designer Bridgid Blackburn joined Patty and in partnership, Cargo continues to direct import from all over the world. The inventory is every changing, reflective of Patty & Bridgid’s last trips and newest finds, and creates a market atmosphere unique to Cargo.

What is happening in your business right now that you’re excited to share?

Patty is currently traveling India, Thailand & Indonesia and has collected remarkable finds.  The containers this season will include textiles and clothing from India & Thailand, wonderful folk art & furniture from India, shrines and icons from Burma, and a world class collection of tribal jewelry.

We are also very happy about the recent additions to Cargo’s lower level; RX Letterpress & Bloke Botanical.  Emily Riley (RX Letterpress) is making beautiful handmade cards on turn of the century presses, and Justin Waddell (Bloke Botanical) has filled Cargo with incredible house plants & succulents, and fresh cut flowers.

What do like most about being in the Central Eastside Industrial District?

We are so happy to be a part of a community that cares deeply about its roots and works hard to preserve its historic buildings and industrial character.  We love to see the community’s long time manufacturers alongside the new maker movement, produce row and the new specialty food makers, and the loading and unloading of trucks and containers making it all happen.

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