Central Eastside Together Monthly Reporting

Central Eastside Together is committed to collaboration, innovation, and being responsive, transparent, and equitable.  

Here you will find monthly and quarterly reports that cover the services provided through the Central Eastside Together programs that include Safety for All, Graffiti Removal, and Cleaning

Useful Items while viewing Central Eastside Together Reports:

Community Impact Report // FAQ // Service Plan // Central Eastside Together Overview // Zone Map // Glossary

Service Detail Pages: Cleaning // Safety for All // Graffiti Removal

How reporting works: The Central Eastside Together Board of Directors reviews a detailed monthly report with the data from program services including incident reports and complaints.    

Data is received by CEIC from all service providers on the 3rd day of the following month.  A report is then created and reviewed by the Board. Incorporating their comments, the public report is then generated and posted online.

Monthly reporting is compiled on a quarterly basis. The quarterly report will be presented at a public meeting and Central Eastside Together will seek inout from the community, with their comments included in the final report presented to the Mayor.

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Monthly Reports:

Quarterly Reports:

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