Central Eastside Together (ESD)

The CEIC officially launched the Enhanced Service District: “Central Eastside Together” in October 2019.

To learn how to access services please visit our Central Eastside Together Service page.

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Central Eastside Industrial District is the national model for a thriving urban industrial district. The Central Eastside’s diverse mix of businesses, industries, makers and creatives contributes to an innovative environment that generates quality jobs, promotes a vibrant pedestrian experience and ensures a resilient, welcoming and connected community. Central Eastside Together will foster a safer district, enhance the pedestrian experience, reinforce economic viability and promote Central Eastside’s unique identity through innovative and highly-responsive programs.


Waivers need to be filled out for Graffiti Removal Services and some Safety for All Services. 

Downloadable waivers: Graffiti Removal Waiver // Safety for All Waiver


  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Responsive
  • Transparent and Equitable
  • Control and Influence


  • Increase cleanliness throughout the Central Eastside;
  • Improve safety for all in the Central Eastside;
  • Manage parking and transportation demand and improve wayfinding;
  • Brand the Central Eastside to increase business, customers and visitors;
  • Support innovation in all forms including strengthening Central Eastside as an employment center;
  • Increase economic viability of the Central Eastside and promote prosperity for all;
  • Ensure Central Eastside is an ideal place to create, work, live and visit.

For more information please reach out to Central Eastside Together at programs@ceic.cc

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