Central Eastside Together (ESD)

In regards to COVID-19, all Central Eastside Together Services are considered essential and will continue on their regular schedule until further notice. Our Care team is working with the Joint Office of Homelessness to support our houseless neighbors by handing out hygiene kits, hand sanitizer, and blankets.

The CEIC officially launched the Enhanced Service District: “Central Eastside Together” in October 2019.

To learn how to access services please visit our Central Eastside Together Service page.

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Central Eastside Industrial District is the national model for a thriving urban industrial district. The Central Eastside’s diverse mix of businesses, industries, makers and creatives contributes to an innovative environment that generates quality jobs, promotes a vibrant pedestrian experience and ensures a resilient, welcoming and connected community. Central Eastside Together will foster a safer district, enhance the pedestrian experience, reinforce economic viability and promote Central Eastside’s unique identity through innovative and highly-responsive programs.


  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Responsive
  • Transparent and Equitable
  • Control and Influence


  • Increase cleanliness throughout the Central Eastside;
  • Improve safety for all in the Central Eastside;
  • Manage parking and transportation demand and improve wayfinding;
  • Brand the Central Eastside to increase business, customers and visitors;
  • Support innovation in all forms including strengthening Central Eastside as an employment center;
  • Increase economic viability of the Central Eastside and promote prosperity for all;
  • Ensure Central Eastside is an ideal place to create, work, live and visit.

For more information please reach out to Central Eastside Together at programs@ceic.cc

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