Give your feedback: Green Streets Project proposed at SE 7th & SE Sandy

Environmental nonprofit Depave has teamed up with Lever Architecture for an exciting new project at SE 7th & Se Sandy! Depave collaborates with community partners such as schools, communities of faith, social service organizations, and small and/or community-focused businesses to implement urban greening projects across the Portland metro region. They focus their work in areas that are underserved, where reduced pavement and increased access to greenspace will have a major positive impact on the community.

We are excited to help Depave to get the word out about their first right-of-way project, the SandWash7, which will be in the District.

The objective of this project is to reclaim underutilized pavement within street right-of-ways, creating green stormwater infrastructure while boosting urban tree cover, improving wayfinding, and enhancing safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, and other non-motorized transit, while connecting with the nearby Green Loop alignment.
Through this infrastructure, this project explores opportunities to close redundant streets and redirect traffic to create a public plaza, acting as a “green node” on the Green Loop.

The designs and amenities listed below are concepts and this work is fairly unprecedented at this time. We cannot guarantee that these amenities will be featured in the right-of-way, but we hope that through this outreach process we will be able to gather input for this space, which will ultimately inform the final product.

We want to hear your thoughts and hope that you take 5 minutes to fill out the survey. For more information about this project, or to provide further feedback, email:


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