Free Mural Opportunity with PSAA & Oregon Wild

Hello Bear! Mural by Jeremy Nichols, @plasticbirdie. NW Portland, Managed by PSAA

Portland Street Art Alliance (PSAA) and Oregon Wild are searching for a suitable exterior wall for a fully-sponsored mural celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Endangered Species Act. The mural will be painted in a style similar to the murals shown above and below and will likely include native species that are threatened, endangered, or have been recovered like the humpback whale, bald eagle, wolf, and salmon. There will be no cost to the property owner.

Specifically, PSAA seeks properties with:

  • An exterior wall located in Portland, OR
  • Smooth surface (painted brick, concrete, dibond, etc.)
  • Visible to the public
  • Higher traffic area
  • Walls of various shapes and sizes, ideally approx. 200-300 square feet
  • Ground level, accessible by ladder or lift

The Property Owner will agree to:

  • Provide PSAA contracted artist with access to the site for mural painting in the Summer of 2023
  • Sign City of Portland mural permit application (prepared and processed by PSAA)
  • Agree in good faith to allow mural to remain up indefinitely or a minimum of five years
“Marvelous Mural of Marbled Murrelets” by Lucas Thornton, @lucassoart, Arcata Bay, CA  

If you are an interested property owner with one or more suitable walls, please get in touch with Carolyne Holcomb, CEIC’s Marketing and Business Strategy Director, by February 24, 2023 to place your property on the Consideration List for hosting this mural. In your response, please include the following:

  • Your name or company name
  • Your contact information
  • Property address(es)
  • Wall information
  • A photo of the available wall space, showing ground below
  • Wall dimensions if you have them

Please send all inquiries to

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