Community Safety Update from Portland Police Chief Lovell to Business and Community Leaders

A message from Portland Police Chief Lovell:

To help keep you informed, and to ask for your assistance and feedback, Mayor Ted Wheeler and my office will periodically distribute Community Safety Updates. We have listened to people throughout the city express their desire for an end to violence and senseless destruction. We are adding officers to work this weekend to help address any criminal behavior and make arrests and criminal charges when possible to be responsive to our community’s concerns. We need our community to help as well and ask people to call and report suspicious activity when they see it, whether it is related to gun violence, public disorder, or any criminal activity.

Gun Murders and Violence

The Mayor, along with my team, has been working with BIPOC community leaders to assess what is needed to stop the gun murders and violence. These community leaders will soon come forward with their plans to reduce the bloodshed. Based on their emerging proposals, both the Mayor and I hope to support these community-designed interventions. 

“This is not a just a problem from group Portlander or just area of Portland, stop gun murders and violence must be the top safety problem for all Portlanders, from all walks of life, from all areas of town. Ending this gun violence is a top priority for me and the Chief and must be a top public safety issue for all Portlanders.”  — Mayor Ted Wheeler, March 5, 2021


February 27, a group of self-described anarchists damaged storefronts and apartment buildings in the Pearl District. We want to make you aware this same group advertised their intent gather again, likely in smaller groups, in unknown places around the city this Saturday, March 6. In recent days, the Police Bureau, District Attorney and Multnomah County Sheriff, have redoubled our cooperation and aligned our efforts to do everything possible to prevent illegal violent acts and to arrest and hold accountable anyone who engages in property crimes.

“Acts of violence against people and damage to property are unlawful and unacceptable. I have adamantly and repeatedly said that property damage and violent behavior will not be tolerated. Recent riotous activity and wanton destruction of private property that targets businesses struggling to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic does not appear connected to the calls for social justice and system reform, which I strongly support. Instead, these destructive acts only serve to harm our community. My office will continue to prosecute acts of violence and property destruction.” (read the DA’s full statement here) — Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt, March 5, 2021

“Public safety is the foundation for a healthy, thriving community. Senseless acts of violence and property destruction detract from the livability of our neighborhoods and put everyone’s safety at risk. MCSO is committed to collaborating with our criminal justice partners in holding those individuals who engage in illegal behavior accountable.” — Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese, March 5, 2021

Please report any illegal activities to the Police, even after the fact. Every bit of evidence and information shared helps law enforcement find and arrest wrong doers.

The City remains committed to fighting this scourge of illegal acts by a small group of organized criminals. Your active support will help make a difference. Below, please find more tips and information about ways you can contribute.

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