Sidewalk Operations, Beautification and Safety


Central Eastside partnered with Central City Concern to keep the district free of litter and debris. Central City Concern’s innovative Clean Start Program is a mentored, six-month job that provides valuable work experience and confidence to pursue permanent employment to individuals who have been impacted by homelessness. In addition to removing trash and other biohazards, Clean Start crews provide individuals in need with referrals to supportive services and resources to maintain a safe and hygienic environment.


Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm
District-wide (Willamette River to SE 12th and I-84 to SE Powell)


  • Collection and Removal of 6,500 Bags of Trash (85,000 pounds of garbage between July-November 2018)
  • Cleaned 172 Abandoned Campsites
  • Added Graffiti Removal Services in November 2018
  • Made Contacts During 468 Sidewalk Interventions

NEW GRAFFITI CLEAN UP has started, properties in the CEID will be allowed three (3) paint outs at no-charge! Please fill out the waiver here

To report trash and graffiti near you contact


Central Eastside: Enhanced contracted a security team to provide safety services in the northeast portion of the district (West Buckman). This team was chosen because of their innovative approach to maintaining order while being compassionate, respectful and helpful to our vulnerable houseless population. In partnership with the Clean Start crews, they documented 1,136 incidences of graffiti, trash and vandalism.


Monday-Saturday, 5pm-3am
Pilot Area (West Buckman)


  • Documented 802 Incidences of Graffiti
  • Documented 51 incidences of Vandalism
  • Documented 88 Incidents of Biohazards
  • Documented 195 Incidents of Trash
  • Provided Warm Winter Coats, Blankets, Handwarmers and First-aid Supplies to more than 100 houseless individuals
  • Relationship building with numerous businesses and housed and houseless residents

In September 2018 Central Eastside Industrial Council launched a Security Committee to address the increasing rates of crime in the district including a 64% increase in crimes against people and property in the past year. This all-volunteer group of district stakeholders includes business and property owners, City and County staff, residents, social service providers and Central Eastside service partners. The group meets monthly to assess crime hotspots, coordinate responses and brainstorm innovative interventions to ensure safety for all who work, live, visit or own property in the Central Eastside.

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