July 2017 TPAC Minutes




July 26th, 2017

Those present: Michael Bolliger, Susan Pearce, Ryan Hashagen, Brandon Wentworth, Chris Armes, Peter Stark, Dan Yates, Michael Zokoych, Juliana Lukasik, Kate Merrill, Julie Bennett

Michael Zokoych left, no quorum to approve minutes.

Guests: Bill Stites, Jennifer Danziger, Kristin Hall, Madison Levy,  Laura Miles, Terry Black, Bryan Robinson, Sam Beresky, Doug Hardesty

Those absent: Susan Lindsay, Summer Triato, Bob Wentworth, Steve Russell, John Tydlaska, Lynda Viray

Mike Bolliger, Chair, opened the meeting.

Truck trikes owner introduced himself. Located at 8th and Washington. Visitor business owner

Water bureau presentation: Willamette River Crossing Project

Sam Beresky, Public Involvement Gene Lawson and Associate (community outreach on project)

Terry Black PDX Water Bureau(community outreach on project)

Bryan Robinson, Civil Engineer

Laura Miles McMillen Jacobs Associates “Owner’s Representative”

BRobinson Willamette River Crossing, 36-42” water main east to west under the river. 5 to 6 crossing already in service. Seismic studies show that most will fail if Cascade earthquake hits. To build resilience, the first step is crossing. SW Naito header feeds downtown through Clay St crossing. This project would replace that crossing. Another crossing between 7th and 10th feeds west side of PDX. They have looked at hydraulic model and flow requirements through 2030. Main objective to feed downtown. Drilling from westside under 150 ft river. The exact drill area hasn’t been identified, but  private property will be effected. They will begin meeting with property owners to talk about subsurface easements.

LMiles presented construction schedule. Draft schedule passed out. The design contractor is not on board yet. As a result, they are not sure when they will start and aren’t fully sure of the sequencing yet. The two main elements of the project are the tunnel under the river and the open cut trenching to connect to the eastside header. The first phase will be the drilling under the river (entry and exit pit at each side of river). The pit sites will take up a small footprint and they will use a horizontal directional drill rig. They will do a pilot bore from both sides, intercept under the river, and then connect a reamer to enlarge hole, the flossing method. They will be staging pipe along public right of ways, along streets to weld them all near the exit pit. The pipe pullback operation will take 3 days around the clock). They will lift the welded pipe and place it under the river. Then the open cut trenching operation will start to connect to eastside header (site to be determined). Streets will be affected by the digs and there will be flaggers.

The staging area will take up 1/2 or full city block along the street. The West side pit and staging will be in 40ft x 200ft parking lot on West Side off of Naito. The will find a space that is undeveloped on east side.

DYates: Easement issue, can you build over pipeline? Are you coordinating with 2035 plan? They are going into where the tallest buildings in the Central Eastside are planning to be built. Just a little further south, there is a viewpoint off of the Tilikum which restricts building heights to 40 ft. These ones won’t require pilings. You may eliminate 10,000 in job potential by eliminating heigh through easements, and is OMSI aware?

LMiles: She is confident that they will be beneath the pilings. They will be 200-250 down. They still need easements because its still someone else’s land.

TBlack: These are vital questions. OMSI knows about this, they are already in conversation. The idea is to buy options for easements. If it is undeveloped land and they need to go farther, this will be configured into the options of the easement of how deep they need to go.

MZokoych: Is south of Tilikum an option? In the view corridor?

LMiles: From a hydraulic standpoint, this is what was selected. This is where the existing connections are to the whole Central Eastside (showed illustration, not south of Tilikum). In the handout they gave, there are several alignment possibilities; only one will be chosen. A majority of the trench alignment will be in the right of way.

SBeresky: At OMSI, it will be quite deep. It will come up somewhere near 7th. Need to do a possible loading dock survey or transportation survey south of Clay and east of 7th to understand issues of 7th Ave. They need data on impact. They need to look at the best street for open trenching and least impact.

DYates: Can they come up around Clinton triangle?

LMiles: That’s too far out. There are physical limitations on how long they can drill and pull pipe.

PStark: He will be contact for contacting the district and put them in touch with the property owners on the alignments.

BDS Project Taggart Intercept Sewer Presentation

Kristin Hall & Madison Levy CH2M

This brick sewer has been in service for 100 years and is deep; it needs to be rehabilitation. Most of the work will be done underground through existing manholes, no new excavation. There will be no big road closures. They distributed map.  The sewer comes up on 16th and on Tibbetts. It is deep under bldgs and not on a street alignment for the most part. Proposing to do night and weekend work in industrial area, going to noise board in August/September for a variance. Need access to areas 24/7, because they can only work when dry.  Conflicting projects may lead to delay of 1 year. Noise work meeting will be on August 9th. They are working with property owners in area where they are doing the staging in the street right of way. There will be quiet generators, occasional use of concrete trucks, not much vac truck which can be quite noisy. There may be some traffic impacts on 10th between Gideon and Woodward. Impact on bike lanes around there on Clinton triangle near the light rail as well. Scheduled for May 2018 schedule

PStark: BDS will need to send info on traffic impact. 

SPearce: She is concerned about traffic disruption. Traffic is already very disrupted because of the diversion on Clinton, and she would like them to see them at HAND.

KHall: There will be a crane lowering supplies into manholes, most are not in the street right of way. There will be some flaggers and traffic for a couple of days.

PStark: Could it be over the weekend? This area is pinchpoint. Traffic is crazy at 11th and Woodward.

Portland Streetcar presentation Dan Bauer Executive Director

16,000 riders per day. Every 15mn. Loops cary 6,000 riders per day. Ridership on Eastside is going up significantly. The ridership and the amount of residents moving in are correlating. There is an increase in ridership, especially on Central Eastside.

DBauer would like to discuss traffic at the Grand and I84 on-ramp. It is badly affecting B loop on time performance between 3pm and 7pm. It is late because of traffic beginning at Grand and Davis. Cars are trying to use the eastern most lane on Grand. They want to distribute traffic more equally. Proposing the east lane be reserved for streetcar and freight. Most streetcars are 18-20mn late, and it is now taking 2 extra operators to accommodate this. He wants to initiate a transit lane for streetcar, and have a forced right on Grand from Burnside at Davis for all other. (see notes) Freeway traffic would be the next lane over. They are looking to see if they could add bus and large vehicle operators to that transit lane. He’s not sure if that would be a benefit to freight. Are most trucks trying to get on the freeway here or go north on Grand?

PStark: If there will be dedicated transit for any purpose, there should also be a dedicated transit for freight. Streetcar in tough spot, and we need solution that is neutral to freight.

DYates: This is a valuable travel lane. This will lose capacity and create more chaos and confusion.

JLukasik: This route could be more efficient. Most cars are wanting to go to freeway and are already illegally turning on to freeway from the center left lane. Everyone needs to go to the left lane anyway to get through. 

DBauer: Trimet 6 bus is also using this lane. They are also looking at signal changes. Everett has same amount of green time as Grand. They are looking at shortening Everett light and having a protected crosswalk for pedestrians at Everett.

PStark: The concern is how to give priority to freight.

JLukasik: Franz, PDX Bottling, PDX Meat all turn right on Davis and go to freeway. She doesn’t believe a lot of trucks go straight on Grand.

RHashagan: We should look at the carriers going to Swan Island as well.

DYates: He recommends not do much of anything. The Port will go back into business soon. The demand of truck freight which fills Grand with trucks going to Tacoma will go down.

PStark: Is it possible to do quick study to see which freight is using these lanes?

JLukasik: She suggests waiting for construction lanes to reopen. 

DBauer: The implementation would be next Spring.

RHashagen: Could we look at ped crossing at the on ramp? Can we throw it into this bucket?

DBauer: The hold up with TriMet and 18 wheelers is accurately finding the technology to detect if anyone is in the lane.

MZokoych: He’s proposing a larger radius, turning into second lane from Couch onto Grand, with the rail stopping earlier to give them the room to turn.

PStark: He will start doing outreach and get comments to freight community.

Eastbound lane closure on Morrison.

It is currently shut down already from Grant to 7th and seems to be fine. Gabe from PBOT did a survey. Property owners are in support of it more or less, 8 out of 9. It is safer for bike community. From a freight point of view, there will be better access to Morrison off of 7th. Gabe would like to proceed at the end of summer.

MBollinger: We should check in with new bldg owner on Morrison and 7th.

PStark: Parking on southside remains, and on Northside there will be parking in a lane with bikes between curb and parking. There is not quite enough room for angle parking.

SPearce: Could PBOT remove the eastbound travel lane and have angle parking?

CArmes: There is not enough room to back out.

SPearce: She would like it measured and double checked.

RHashagen: Gabe was thoughtful. He came to us and then went door to door. In surveying the  bike community and property owners, all talked about bike safety.

CArmes: Gabe did outreach with the Buckman Neighborhood Association.

SPearce: She is for it because of all of the reasons talked about, SLindsay opposed because of the process.

JLukasik: SLindsay is concerned about process, the PBOT will take out the lane without checking at beginning of process. She questions the quality of responses. Were they swayed in the way it was presented? Lukasik encouraged her to voice her concerns to Gabe. Lukasik feels that process has been followed and this is a unanimous opinion on the committee to move forward with this.

PStark: He will talk to Gabe and have him consider angle parking or hybrid solutions

MZokoych: Certainly doesn’t want a 2 way bikelane on Morrison. He has seen it not work in other areas.

KMerrill: A couple property owners requested crosswalk

DYates: PBOT should check with property owner getting completing on that stretch. Was eastbound lane important part of their transportation studies? What flow do they have for parking garages?

BStites: He has heard that at Morrison and 9th and Belmont & 9th, there were long term plans to put lights there.

DYates: In the 2035 plan, there are only new lights planned for Grand and MLK.

Draft Budget

JLukasik: She is currently in discussion with CArmes about the budget draft, which is taking into consideration the open house and other issues. Elements of the budget: clean up program with CCC, security process on peak hours, graffiti abatement, placemaking, maps, wayfinding, OMSI light, PR/communication about what the surcharge goes to, increasing the TDM program, and a hot pass investment. District shuttle is still of great interest to people in district. They are looking into it. There are two numbers for a structured parking study: a study looking at where to put structured parking and how much to charge, and in the shorter term mechanical or other off street options. We are already people already working on those and want to help them with those.

Neighborhood permit/ESD Grant is something to help neighborhoods with the overflow into their districts when we start these programs. Help them with permits or ESDs of their own in partnership with the City to take advantage of services already there.

SPearce: Are all these numbers TPAC specific?

JLukasik: This TPAC budget is for one year. The CEIC doesn’t have an ESD. The TPAC has $1.4million. The CCC program is accurate number. 1 truck and 2 drivers, cleaning and graffiti mitigation (truck and bike, cart support). The rest we are working with partners on, we will work with partners to leverage these funds. Parking structure study, we’ve done these before, this number is pretty accurate. We will follow PBOT’s triple bid process.

DYates: If the funds aren’t spent, they will go to reserve.

JLukasik: These are what we hear are important programs. This is draft and is still in the comment period. The fiscal year is passed; we are behind schedule

JBennett: She is concerned that Clean & Safe doesn’t fall in line with TPAC.

JLukasik: Yes, the clean up is in the street. The problems are occurring in the streets and on the sidewalks. These funds should go to the things the community think is important. This is a band aid. The ESD will tak it to where it needs to be.

RHashagen: CCC Clean & Safe concern. They won’t touch Multnomah County structures. How can staircases be addressed?

JL: The is a 1 year budget and starting point for this program. This is a really big district. She met with Chair Kafoury, and this might be a solution to working with them. She is just applying details and working on MOU now.

BStites: What about traffic enforcement?

JLukasik: We have considered it. This is a partnership, and our funds enhancing what city is supplying. This is an important question and one we have considered.

RHashagen: Stacking? Is this a pilot or incentive?

JLukasik: This could be a pilot program, or subsidies for people buying machines and putting on their own properties.

MBollinger: $13,500 piece for stacking

RH: How about the process? Where is the accountability?

JLukasik: We will follow PBOT processes and they will help us with accountability.

JBennett: This sounds like a couple of years ago when TPAC was asking owners to put lots in lease out their lots. It seems like a fantasy.

PStarkOwners were already leasing their lots out.

MBolliger: He is already looking at prototypes, 20K per space with skin. With skin, he is looking at 900K for whole lot. Their main purpose is long term parking for employees and residents.

JLukasik: This is not only solution. This is with the approval of PBOT through triple bids and due diligence.

RHashagen: How will we distribute funds? It seems that TPAC will target certain businesses with some line items.

MBollinger: It covers a lot of  ground and seems to be very responsive to the community needs.

PStark: He haven’t released to larger audience. He wants to send this out to the CEIC to get comments. The more exposure, the better

JBennett: Clean & Safe, PR and Communications comes under that? 1/4 of funds going to clean and safe?

PStark: PR & Communications is separate from that, and yes 1/4 goes to clean and safe. At least half of complaints from members that he gets are about safety issues.

JBennett: Parking is important too.

JLukasik: That’s why this study is important. We know that it will take a year. 

JBennett: Study is can this the parking problem fixed by that?

PStark: That’s why TDM so important.

JLukasik: We will reassess the budget once each year.

PStark: And even as they come on line. 

KMerrill: Clean & Safe is parallel to TDM. Improving walking and biking experience.

RHashagen: CEIC staff for TriMet Universal?

PStark: It will go to CEIC staff working for TPAC, administering the TriMet Program. The TPAC is a committee of the CEIC, for the most part, PStark is dedicated to the TPAC.

JLukasik: There will be some overlap between CEIC and TPAC staff. Example: Kate doing admin for CEIC and TPAC. Transparency is the key. As we increase revenue, we know we need to ensure transparency. TPAC will pay for a percentage of the CEIC office rent.

Meeting Closed