TPAC July 2019 Minutes

TPAC Minutes July 24th, 2019


In Attendance: Kate Merrill, Ryan Hashagen, Michelle Sprague, Susan Pearce, Tina McNerthney, Julie Bennett, Chris Armes, Nathan Clark


Guests: Wilfred Pinfold, RJones, PJones, Joe Wilcot, DAldry, Shanna Brownstein, Nyla Clark


Adoption of May TPAC Minutes: no quorum at beginning – later motion to adopt was proposed by TMcNerthney, RHashagen seconds 

Adopted unanimously.


Public Comment: No Public Comment


MBolliger has resigned from the TPAC and MZokoych is out on medical leave.


  1. Update on PGE Mobility Hub – Shanna Brownstein

SBrownstein gives updates on PGE Mobility Hub. The goal is for the PGE Mobility Hub to be completed by June 202 for the EVS33 conference that is coming to Portland. The hub will be at 8th and Stark on a space owned by PGE. SBrownstein shared the designs that have just been completed by ZGF. The mobility hub will be a spot where someone can get off the bus they know that whatever transportation they need is there (Scooter, bike, car rental, ect.)


RHashagen asked what the partnerships with the private companies look like and if there is financial support from them. SBrownstein said she has met with Lyft and other ride-share companies and people are excited but she has not yet asked for financial support from any of the private companies yet.


KMerrill pointed out that this is also only a block away from the green loop which would be a great addition.


KMerill noted that if the TPAC will need to decide about funding the mobility hub today during the vote on the budget.


RHashagen uncomfortable with this idea, it seems that this is a dockless transportation hub for dockless vehicles but no other real plan. Not sure there is an immediate return

DAldry suggested that the companies of the transportation options should be paying more

TMcNethery feels that promoting the hub is a great idea but not sure about giving money

SPearce would like to hear more, but feels like this is a tight timeline for June 2020


  1. Urban Systems Presentation Wilfred Pinfold

WPinfold presents the idea of a pilot program in the Central Eastside focused on getting information on people’s trips in and out of the Central Eastside. This project is funded by the Department of Homeland Security and focused on gathering data to inform smart cities while keeping individuals information private. They would like to pilot the program in the Central Eastside. This will not cost the TPAC anything because it is full funded already. The entire pilot would take about 16 weeks.


NClark motions to approve the Central Eastside to pilot the program, SPearce seconds the motion, passes unanimously. The CEIC will send a letter of support to DHS so that this pilot will be able to start. 


  1. Transportation Wallet Modification

KMerrill discusses transportation wallet, the TPAC wants to keep the cost the same but want to reallocate funding towards the Hop Passes. Ideally the CEIC would offer the wallet for $99 and be able to give $600 for Hop Passes. However, a Universal Pass is not an option for smaller employers, PBOT made it clear that if we wanted to offer something different we’d need to administrate


RHashagen questions if creating a new system is worth the additional hop pass funds.


NClark – Agrees that we should work within the system while also keeping in mind that many people are coming from East County and need more than just a streetcar or biketown.


SPearce motions to vote that we accept the Transportation Wallet, NClark Seconds the motion.

Passes unanimously.


  1. Vote on 2019 – 2020 Budget

SPearce motions to roll budget currently listed to Mobility Hub to contingency section that can be allocated to the mobility hub at a later date should the committee desire to do so with more information. MSprauge seconds the motion,

Passes unanimously


SPearce motions that we vote on everything but staffing, NClark Seconds the motion,

Passes Unanimously.


SPearce motions to approve the 2019-20 TPAC staff budget, TMcNerthney seconds

Passes unanimously


RHashagen motions to write a letter to address PBOT + Trimet Leadership to work with a universal pass in a wallet without a cap, SPearce seconds the motions,

Passes unanimously