TPAC August 2019 Minutes

TPAC Minutes August 28th, 2019

In Attendance: Deane Funk, Adrienne Chaillé, Nathan Clark, Michelle Sprague, Susan Pearce, Ryan Guy Hashagen, Susan Lindsay, Chris Armes

Guests: Rick Williams, Nyla Clark

Please note that Ken Wilson has resigned from the TPAC.


1) Introduction of New TPAC & Central Eastside Together Program Manager, Adrienne Chaillé

AChaillé introduces herself and shares her background with the group. She will be managing TPAC moving forward.


2) Approval of Minutes April 2019 and July 2019

Nclark motions to approve the April minutes, RHashagen seconds,

Passes Unanimously


Nclark motions to approve the July minutes, RHashagen seconds, 

SLindsay abstains, all others vote to approve


3) Public Comment

Paul Gilles of Portland Roasting Company:  PGilles received a letter August 7th letter about changes or proposed changes from a neighbor regarding meter placement in their area. PGilles is considered about the impacts this could have for his business and employees.


4) Rick Williams Consulting- Parking Masterplan

RWilliams will be updating the parking master plan for the Central Eastside Industrial Council. He gives an overview of the surveys and eventual master plan he will be delivering. The expected end date of this project is the end of the year 2020. 


5) Adjustment to Fall 2019 Meter Placements

CArmes – gives a brief overview of the meter placements. Meter placements and adjustments are done every year with PBOT. Typically 50 block faces are turned into meter parking, this year 66 will be. CArmes says there are more this year because none were done last year.


The group discusses the loss of permitting parking particularly in certain areas of the district. After much discussion it was decided that some brainstorm and a more in depth look needs to happen. Folks will email AChaillé with feedback on the permit. Further discussion will happen with a decision made in the September


6) Water Avenue Shuttle Update

August 31 is the deadline for finding shuttle funding. If we are unable to find funding the program will be sunsetted.


7) TPAC Member recruitment & onboarding update

AChaillé – The office of Civic Life is issuing new guidelines for all community groups through the city. This may change the way TPAC recruits members and how long folks can be members. The new rules will be reviewed and discussed in September.


8) Review of letter to PBOT

AChaillé shares the letter drafted up to send to PBOT in regards to the Transportation Wallet.

After much discussion the group feels it needs to be more clear and is not ready to be sent. AChaillé – Will be emailing the letter out to the group to edit. The letter will be discussed again at the September meeting.