May 2017 TPAC Minutes


May 24th, 2017

Those present

Susan Lindsay, Susan Pearce, Summer Triato, Julie Bennett, Ryan Hashagen, Brandon Wentworth (proxy for Bob Wentworth), Brian Johnson, Lynda Viray, Chris Armes, Scott Cohen, Peter Stark, Dan Yates, Brad Malsin, Kate Merrill
No quorum

Guests: Doug Hardesty, Katie Mangle, Brian Johnson

Those absent

Steve Russell, John Tydlaska, Juliana Lukasik, Michael Bolliger

1. Peter Stark opened the meeting.

2. TDM Updates.

Scott Cohen spoke about the Biketown super hub zone. Pilot that began in May: anywhere you want to lock up your bike you can without the $2 fee in the Central Eastside. More flexibility. He showed heat maps of bike lock ups in September 2016. More activity in May 2017 than in Sept 2016. He can get more data, but we’re only in the 2nd week, so we don’t have numbers yet. This will also help to determine where to put more stations.This is backend data from Motivate which operates BikeTown. Doesn’t know what they are doing to keep bikes balanced but we can ask Motivate.

Remark made that bike user have noticed availability at the Burnside Bridgehead has increased since this started. BMalsin remarked that having heat maps of the routes the bikes take would be good to have for the district to see what routes are being taken and how people are commuting. SCohen replied this could probably be obtained.

An email was sent to 1200 Central Eastside Employees, obtained through the commuter survey (November 16 thru January 17) or through parking permits. He showed the email that was sent, they only had 20 to 30ppl take them up on the free Biketown pass. The next initiatives: a trial with two incentives for a large group of 100 for each incentive. Free week of transit to be used that week or a free day. This is valid for employees in the Central Eastside and NW. The notice will be sent to 4500 people (1200 Central Eastside).

PStark asked if it diluted the message if we add $50 streetcar offer to this list? SCohen says it does for this test.

There is no data tracking available, because this is through Tri-Met and they don’t have those capabilities, but we know how many people take them and will survey them. They just won’t know how many people will take it. This part of the TDM budget, about $4000, will go to this.

DYates remarked that this was incredibly expensive. Trimet is charging full fare, while the streetcar and biketown are giving us passes for free. The TPAC/CEIC logo will not be on this offer. Trimet doesn’t negotiate on their fare, as they feel that they are federally obligated not to give us a discount.

How will this help us through TDM? We will get answers to these questions. Is a bigger incentive with large commitment or a short term incentive with small commitment more successful? The emails test what is encouraging more people to engage? Then the surveys will show which one changes behavior, which one engages people? After the first 100 claim the tickets, they will reach out to the entrants (after the 100) and offer them something else.

So far, about 40 people have purchased the $50 streetcar pass. SCohen felt there was very little marketing so far for the pass, one email to 650 people. KMerrill noted that the CEIC sent 2 emails to about 900 people. DYates put it out to 200 people also. Billboard put up for the streetcar pass contest. We have had two hits so far. The billboard will stay up for about a month if not more

3. 2017-18 Budget Outreach/Schedule/Requests

Open House will be May 31 at Ecotrust. We have reached out to community through several emails, one went out to the CEIC email list today.

PStark distributed 2017-18 budget outreach document and outline of schedule (see handout) for the MOU. June 7th Special meeting at 4pm just for budget and MOU in this room. Then there will be a series of drafts which will go to the CEIC board on June 20th, then June 28th TPAC meeting to vote. The final will hopefully go to the CEIC by June 30th.

Showed last year’s MOU. PStark suggests keeping staff, office, clean & safe, I84 bike/ped bridge (4-5 year agreement, suggestion to match Lloyd’s contribution of $250K over 5 years), district bus loop.Suggestion to remove district Trimet universal pass, we will just keep it at the TDM level. It is too complicated with Tri-Met. SCohen said we need an intergovmental agreement. PStark also took away from their meeting that it is complex and difficult to find people for program. SCohen said there is a lot of potential and Trimet is hesitant, but it has been successful with Lloyd. We would need a bigger bigger financial commitment than 50K per year and a legal agreement between PBOT and TriMet. SCohen says the size of employers doesn’t matter. The way the program works is that employers ask for aggregate pricing together. Trimet then grants same price for pass, but every employer has to pay for every employee.

PStark says Trimet is not interested in following Lloyd model, and talking to Owen at Go Lloyd PStark is looking at smaller employers 20 or less. SCohen says if you are going to commit, commit bigger. SPearce remarked that Lloyd has more transit options that aren’t as available here. SCohen says CEID seems to have less parking here though. PStark offered to work with Scott to find the employers.

New Requests: Dan Bauer from the Streetcar to TPAC to invest $50K over 5 years. We would continue discounting streetcar passes to employees. The primary goal is help to put together funding for additional trains for more frequent train stops. We are currently lacking citywide.

BMalsin remarked it would be a hard sell, unless we included in a larger package that includes a parking program, and an ESD. DYates feel its too early to commit any money to streetcar. STriato, could we commit in 6 month. The contract with them runs out at the end of June. Chris doesn’t know how much funding is available. $900K ballpark figure for this year. Last year’s budget was $617K.

DYates suggests holding off on streetcar until we have better gage on the performance of what we’ve done already. PStark would like Dan Bauer to talk to CEIC board when decision needs to be made.

The additional cut would be to cut back Peter’s hours and shift money for staff related work and minutes.

JBennett: Will this income be replaced by income in the long term when we are off of the permit.?This income would be replaced by meter income. The projected revenue will come in after City budget project. STriato would like to look at projections over the next 5 years, when we have less permit income and more meters, before committing to anything long term. PStark remarked the permit program will last for at least 3-5 years. The meter revenue won’t be significant unless we increase price. More importantly, the ESD could support some of the TPAC funds moving forward. DYates felt it would take a long time to see funds from meters as it takes longer for them to pay for themselves. Putting meters in is a balancing act driven by demand. He is also concerned about budget post-permits.

STriato also requested stats for the number of GNN this year as opposed to last year at this time. She would like to look at trends. How much over in permit sales can we project this year? DYates remarked that we might not have raised the permit prices enough to drop the numbers. We’re still not at market rate.

PStark went over the boards that will be at the open house (list on the back off the budget sheet: maps of where they live and work, suggestion areas, projects they would like to do). He will bring the results to the next meeting. PBOT will make them. SPearce: It would be interesting to look at inhabitants from EXD developments vs the existing development. PStark is going to conduct outreach in the district through developers, and BMalsin will reach out to his tenants.

4. TPAC Project Reports
Esplanade Special Event Use Committee
PStark is meeting with Carol at OMSI to develop a procedure for approving Esplanade use. They are looking for a way to connect with businesses impacted by Water Ave closures for them to weigh in on permits. Sometimes events will use Water Ave when they use the Esplanade.

SPearce remarked that because of police shortage, they aren’t policing events elsewhere in city. Now they are using Eastbank Esplanade. During the Cinco de Mayo Run, the ORF parking lot was full. This is a huge impact on ORF and Portland Spirit.

Street Standards Sidewalks

PStark: More pedestrian activity in streets in the area merits some improvements, with all of the loading docks. We would like to develop a hybrid that identifies where people can walk, but it wouldn’t change the street significantly, as many can’t be changed. We could put painted stripes to keep people out of the middle of the road, and then signage in each loading area entries to alert pedestrians to use caution, markings for example

Could this be tied into the multi-modal plan? The response is that they don’t want to redo the CE street plan, but there are existing examples of what’s possible. PStark remarked that at this point, its just a study. He will send this on.

PBOT BAC and Livable Streets Report

RHashagen reported that Livable Streets didn’t meet. BBAC met and discussed what City Council is doing. Fritz allocated marijuana tax to Vision Zero. This is an ongoing budget item. They spoke about state legislative updates: the .1% payroll tax, 5% bike excise tax and vehicle privilege tax. They got PBOTs point of view on this and learned how PBOT interfaces with state legislature. Looked at RTP Metro and Work zone ped plan implemented last fall, enforcing pedestrian and bike accommodations in work zones. There needs to be a detour. It doesn’t seem that contractors know about this.

PStark asked how this interfaces with areas not required to have street improvements. RHashagan says its follows the Central Eastside’s Street Plan, but talked about the development near old Fischels. You have to walk 5 city blocks to walk across the street there at Burnside.

STriato asked for sidewalk clarification of CE Street Plan. If you change occupancy does the street standard change? RHashagen: Harsch Development wanted to put a sidewalk in for their new development and PBOT didn’t allow them to. Their solution is an at-grade fake sidewalk. He says we need to allow the rules to accommodate developers. STriato: the occupancy change should allow for a street plan change. PStark and DYates disagreed and spoke of how long it took to get the street plan passed. Its a 2 year process to revisit street plan but could be opened up again. SPearce said we didn’t envision all new development when the street plan was made. If we want people out of their cars, we need safety for walking or biking. We need to look at it.

PStark drafted a request for the street markings and will submit it.

District Bus Loop

We have 2 bids in, ranging 100-120K annually. The route needs to be addressed, the location of stations. PStark suggested having the route run during rush hour and readjust as necessary. We’ve reached out to First Student, they have a sprinter bus and suggested running only during peak hours and not all day. STriato asked if there was a loop, where would you want a stop? Should that be asked at the at the Open House? We should also Identify a few of the larger lots,

and have them as resources for people using bus loop. SCohen said that the state has given TriMet a monopoly in tricounty. Does this run afoul? Can you stop at one of their bus stops? DYates felt we weren’t competing if its free. PStark will talk to the shuttle people and will check into it.

5. Street Proposal to Change Morrison

Gabe Graff (PBOT) presented on the suggested closure of the Morrison eastbound lane from Grand to 7th, and it is raising the question of closing 7th to 12th too. What is the logical layout of Morrison? Grand and 7th closed now due to construction and it doesn’t seem to have much of an impact. The north side is protime parking. GGraff came to persue our input. They will also inform the neighborhood. The lane will reopen in August.

SLindsay felt like the request to close the lane was internal rather than based on input. Where is the process around this? RHashagan appreciated this as a solution for bikes to get through westbound on Morrison easier. DYates remarked that Killian had to do traffic analysis to get permits. Why not look at what the traffic engineers said. You are removing an entire travel lane. Also, it angled parking an option? This is an Incredibly valuable real estate. PStark felt it is important to look at how we impact freight when we look at these kind of changes. Can we include this in our freight study? It may help freight movement. SLindsay would like proper analysis, notification, and discussion.