March 2018 TPAC Minutes

Minutes March 21, 2018

In attendance: Carol Gossett, Michael Bolliger, Juliana Lukasik, Ryan Hashagen, John Tydlaska, Michael Zokoych, Peter Stark, Brandon Wentworth, Summer Triato, Nathan Clark, Julie Bennett, Michelle Sprague, Kate Merrill, Rina Jimmerson 

Absent: Dan Yates, Susan Lindsay

Chris Armes could not be here today because the meeting was moved

Minutes from last meeting approved

Motion for Sue Pearce by Michelle Sprague to be nominated to the committee. Motion seconded by Mike Bolliger. All in favor, approved.

Michelle says that Sue Pearce sent an e-mail with regard to the Clinton Triangle.  JLukasik says that she responded to her in a favorable way.

Shelly from ODOT and Kaitlin from PBOT present the I-5 Rose Quarter Improvement Project.

Project aims to make travel easier and improve connectivity.  The improvements to the transportation system: commuters on I-5, pedestrians and cyclists.

Reduce the displacement and community impact. I-5 really split the community and mainly displaced the African community.  We want to make new connections.  From 2010-2012 – they have worked with the community, here are some highlights of the presentation:

  • Transportation on I-5 –the design at the time did not meet the needs, so improvements to the highway are planned with the opportunity to rebuild the surface
  • To the North – new Hancock -Dixon crossing – essentially a new crossing
  • Clackamas bicycle and pedestrian bridge – will be upgraded
  • Highway improvement
  • New location of the I-5 on ramps
  • The more you want to develop on top of a cover, the more you have to thicken the structure, so focus is on landscaping and light public uses – not building development
  • Feds will only fund lids that have a transportation purpose
  • The goal is to create continuity on both sides of the highway
  • Focus is on improvements to I-5 and the local streets
  • Critical element is the lower access to lower Albina
  • Existing footbridge will be demolished in this project because there are issues with the new school on Flint which will make Flint more secure
  • Vancouver would be better for bike use
  • Broadway/Weidler corridor is a high crash zone and so this project’s covers will offer more space
  • Ramp to ramp changes will improve travel and the shoulders will be on both sides as emergency lanes
  • These improvements could result in a 50%reduction of crashes on I-5
  • If you are driving west on Broadway and want to go south, new project will make it easier because there will be less lights to go through and it will add a new bicycle and pedestrian path which will help the present situation that forces bikes to cross the ramp
  • They are in the environmental phase right now
  • They are still doing outreach and speaking to as many people/groups as possible
  • City is a partner in this project

PStark believes these interventions will help with safety concerns and with freight movement and reminds them to keep TPAC involved as we are in direct contact with the freight community.

Presenters say that project is estimated at 450 Million today including all the work.

Will the improvements to I-5 result in any right of way takes …. Answer all are within the existing ODOT blocks.

RGeller from PBOT talks about Bike advisory committee who were on a ride last year and found a way to improve access of the Burnside bridge into the Central Eastside.

  • Burnside bridge, 3rd, Grand, Couch and Ankeny
  • If you want to go East to west onto Burnside bridge it is fairly ok
  • But the opposite, from Burnside towards the east, the first opportunity to do that is 6th and then come back down Ankeny and right now there is no signalized crossing.
  • Proposal is the make an immediate right from Burnside bridge or left onto MLK
  • It would require the removal of 4 on street parking spaces
  • Over six months these sites generated 12 000$ in revenue
  • PStark says it should be back into permit parking if it is not being used
  • RGeller says it is a low performing block for revenue
  • RGeller explains that the development going in there is three levels of below ground parking, residential units, more retail and office space

The Major question is the removal of those parking stalls.

KMerrill asks will it take out all of the metered parking in front of that development and have you reached out to Gerding Edlen because if it does, then that would be very problematic on the retailers in the sector.

BWentworth comments that the time period that you selected for the revenue evaluation was when it was an abandoned building…so the demand wasn’t what it will be in the future.

Michael – you are not taking into account future need for parking and has concerns with 3rd Avenue as it is a freight corridor.

RGeller, 3rd is just the best opportunity but it could be 2nd avenue…PStark adds that 3rd is very congested with trucks as you head south.  PStark also adds that if your numbers are correct that is probably because the building was vacant and we need parking so can we gain some parking back somewhere else in the area.  The demand for parking is high and we are looking for new employment in that area…this is a big deal.

MZokoych what is the cost of a bridge coming off of Burnside bridge and dropping down on 3rd.

Nate says that we can review the bike access from Burnside when the bridge is being redone in 10 years from now.

The bike advisory committee will probably make that proposal to the City.

Where can we reintroduce 4 stalls…suggestion is made for under the Burnside bridge.

KMerrill is concerned about Gerding Edlen’s plan for loading.  Mike suggests RGeller reach out to Gerding Edlen.

KMerrill talks about Sunday Parkways on July 22nd…it is a way to try out the green loop.  We have been asked to sponsor.  She believes that it could be great for people to see what it could look like.  We were thinking about 1500 $ for activity at the McCall Beach.  The loop is 6th to Salmon.  PStark says it would be beneficial to test it. JLukasik thinks it is a good idea that we show participation in the process.  They wanted the route, KMerrill says it was in our newsletter so she will resend the newsletter.  Discussion ensues on if Sunday is a good day to do this because so many businesses are closed… obviously less freight on a Sunday.

The concept is to have the street completely closed.   It is mentioned that PBOT is giving the Sunday Parkway presentation at the next Merchants and Making meeting and also perhaps, CEIC/TPAC can get a kiosk and have some visibility.

Transportation and Parking Open House will be held on April 26th from 4:30 to 7:00 pm at the 100 SE Alder building.  We encourage every member to attend.

Clean and safe has been doing really well.  Post card will be going out next week to residents and businesses in the Central Eastside on how to report a need for pick up.  KMerrill put some before and after shots in the last newsletter.  JLukasik says that the response has been great.  Summer says to promote this at the Sunday Parkways.  KMerrill agrees and says that they will also be at the Transportation and Parking Open House.

TDM – KMerrill says that we sold 37 wallets since the beginning of the year and we are doing an event at the Goat Blocks this evening.

Shuttle had 5 companies that submitted a proposal, we are going to select 2 or 3 finalists that we will interview by next week.  We spoke about advertising on the shuttle.  Michael wants to know where we are shuttling people from.  JLukasik says the shuttle is for parkers but also transit users, people at the ODOT blocks and Convention Center, Eastside Exchange.  It also allows people to park in a less demanding parking zone and then take the shuttle to work.

Summer said what about the map and brochure on the shuttle service.  KMerrill says our first reach out will be to major companies in the area.  Summer asks if the TPCA committee could see the pamphlet, discussion ensues on delays.

Summer feels that the committee should see the pamphlet before printing.

Portland Streetcar – PStark announces that 2 new street cars have been purchased which will reduce headway from 15 minutes to 12 minutes.  This will continue to expand to Northwest Portland.

KMerrill what with the streetcar with all the problems around I-84.  They are planning to cut off the right turn access on Davis heading North on Grand and diverting the lane to make way for the streetcar, but the problem still has not been solved.

Freight – PStark says PBOT is planning on using urban renewal funds to pay for cleaning streets.  PStark’s understanding is that those funds can only be used in the district.  KMerrill says it goes into a general fund and then gets used….this issue needs some answers.

Division – PStark made headway with TriMet because we really need to pull together the Freight users who use this BRT.  JLukasik says we need to work on residents and other in the neighborhood.  KMerrill says AT&T has been installing sensors in the City….but we haven’t had a response yet about if they could survey the area.  PStark says we haven’t been presented it anything yet. 

Michael – is there still a left turn onto Clinton off of 11th ?  Answer is no, they have to go over the railroad tracks and then back.  PStark says to PBOT that we need to be put in touch with those responsible for the Division BRT particularly the turn onto 12th/13th and then the cross on 8th.  KMerrill also is concerned about the Abernethy School. PStark wants to make sure the study incorporates freight.

Ryan – budget and bureau advisory of PBOT suggested a 5% budget cut of street lighting but the committee said no, so instead PBOT suggested roll back on the street cleaning.  Advisory committee didn’t accept that either and that BOT should get a contribution elsewhere because these things are important for cleanliness and safety.

CEIC design Charette last weekend: discussed MLK and Grand

PStark if we spend money to pedestrian crossing on 6th, PStark feels it should be on Grand and MLK to calm that traffic and the businesses located there could take advantage of safer crossings.

KMerrill and JLukasik agree that pedestrian improvements to Grand and MLK.

New Business – they are renting spots to businesses by PBOT called street seats, being able to purchase parking spots for business but would like to suggest that it be purchased a parking spot for business ie. For parking Michael Sausage.  Committee thinks it is a great idea.  We should put it up for discussion with PBOT in a future meeting.

CGosset says farewell as she is retiring from OMSI.  We will need a replacement from OMSI for TPAC.