February 2018 TPAC Minutes

In attendance: Carol Gossett, Michael Bolliger, Juliana Lukasik, John Tydlaska, Michael Zokoych, Peter Stark, Susan Lindsay, Brandon Wentworth, Julie Bennett, Michelle Sprague, Nathan Clark, Chris Armes, Kate Merrill

Guests: Donald Hunter, John Wheeler, Doug Hardesty
Absent: Dan Yates, Summer Triato, Ryan Hashagan 


Nathan Clark is the new representative from the Kerns Neighborhood.

In the minutes, additions SLindsay would like to remove “people” from the lucrative meters comment, as it was misinterpreted

Tydlaska voted to approve the minutes with the correction and Gossett 2nd it. All approved

Public Comment: Thank for bowling event last night, Doug Hardesty.

Brandon Wentworth nomination. MZokoych voted to add Brandon Wentworth to the TPAC committee and SLindsay seconded. All approved the addition of Brandon Wentworth to the TPAC Committee

Sue Pearce will be applying for an At Large position on the committee and will be nominated when she is present at the next meeting. application.

Donald Hunter, Parking Enforcement

Wanted to come because he had a report that the TPAC committee was saying there was a lack of enforcement and no enforcement officers. He wanted to understand how the committee was getting this impression.

PStark: The TPAC gets a lot of feedback. There are a lot of construction sites at the Burnside Bridgehead, where workers are parking all day in permit areas without enforcement. It is not about Donald or his staff works, its about staff allocation. The CEID has 2 officers whereas there are 14 downtown. The CEID is bigger than downtown. His experience with DHunter has been that he has been very responsive.

DHunter: Suggested to the committee to come to him directly. He has 5 officers. In regards to under-enforcement, he has to sacrifice other parts of city to come to our district. 2 bikes and 3 scooters. There are 16 parking permit programs in Portland. The CEID gets most coverage, and they write the most citations in the CEID.  If there is a pocket not getting coverage, please call. Bob Wentworth always calls and he appreciated that he has always called. They received 23,000 calls last year for services in City; they are a complaint generated dept.

MZokoych: DHunter is doing great job. Friday seems to be a tough day. His people are very responsive, with certain glitches. Feels that the area needs more meters in area so that it is easier to control. This is the problem with timed zones.

DHunter: Monday is the shortest day, and there are chronic spots like Michaels. He wants a better working relationship with TPAC.   There are 5 beats in district, 2 bikes and a routine control. Even on days we are short, he is putting people in CEID

JLukasik offered her apologies. She didn’t realize that communication had fallen apart, that the TPAC hadn’t been communicating with them. She invited him to come to future TPAC mtgs, and have regular check ins with him. Our Prgm Mgr can retain interaction with him.

SLindsay: Likes the idea of restart. Feels there is a lack of enforcement around vehicles with  expired tags, parked illegally near St Francis. Can she reassure neighbors that those cars will be enforced? Neighbors feel that area is unkempt.

DHunter: Derelict vehicles, etc is the responsibility of the abandoned auto unit which is complaint generated. They have grown that unit from 4 officers to 10.

SLindsay: A little glitch. On the abandoned autos there is a 14 day turnaround, but these autos move. If you report a location, the car can move.

DHunter: His team doesn’t tow for expired registration, they can.

MSprague: Zone L next to the CEID. W Clinton industrial, residential and industrial. What happens when someone is blocking a loading zone?

DHunter: Citation is on routine patrol. You need to call for tow. Only a truck or van can be in loading zone and need to be permitted commercial. 

Data 2016: Timed (No permits, loading zone) 28K, 2.7K warnings; 2017 25.6K, 3.1K warnings;

2016-17 19K citations

DHunter to send CEID something about the rules that we can post.

Open House

Feedback for this year and date April 19th or 25th, 4:30 to 7pm.

Not sure where they will be holding it. We’ll have boards like Peter had, giveaways like we did with Winter Warm Up, progress report, TDM. Please email suggestions to Kate.

Clean and Safe

District wide February 12th, publishing email cleanstartceid@ccconcern.org

We will get stats once every month. Postcard will be out in mid-March, going out to all residents and businesses with how to use it. They can clear trash, prioritize needs and human waste, anything illegally dumped. Can’t clear camps, will offer them trash bags but can’t clear their belongings. New state agreement betw City of Portland and ODOT for Portland Police to clear ODOT property. This means that CCC will be able to clean ODOT owned land in a few months.  Graffiti removal is not included for now with our current limited budget. The ESD will solve that. Every Monday morning they go to our one daycare, Viva Esquela, to collect needles and waste.

JLukasik: if hot spots in neighboring areas, let us know. They can go into the close outskirts.

CCC Clean Start covers the entire district river to 12th and i-84 to Powell. District doesn’t yet include the Clinton Triangle, although its included in URA. Kate will connect with Carol Gossett on how to include it.

Its also a job training program for homeless. We have a truck and bike w/cart, 3 people. Then we share a truck (2 people) with NE Coalition. CCC can give a presentation. Question: Is Washington HS added to the district, URA? Can you clean it without dragging it into the district? Yes, its currently on the map. Discrepancy about whether WAHS is in District or not.

We will formalize whether its included.

TPAC is also partnering with SOLVE to do volunteer neighborhood clean ups. A lot of the cleanups concentrated on the river, bringing awareness around the fact that waste on streets between 3rd and River goes straight to river. MSprague requested having a volunteer clean up with Division – Ford Food and Drink. 

Transportation Demand Mgmt. KMerrill: Transportation Wallet doing well. We are targeting a lot of the new developments in the district. Getting new tenants in habit off using public transport. Will do more events. Goat Blocks has invited us to do happy hour with their residents. Raised the Hop Card from $50 to $100.

CArmes: the TDM info will go out with permit renewals in April.

OMSI Flashing Light– Traffic engineers are working on it. CArmes has meeting with them next week for layout and design. She will get a new estimate

District Shuttle – RFP submitted to the DJC. In the DJC on Friday for one week, with start date of April 9th. Currently contacting property owners for bus stop locations. 

CGossett: Shuttle stop on masterplan for OMSI.

PStark: Caveat- stops on private property, not in right of way. Pilot project. One year contract with potential for another year.

CGossett: Make sure the shuttle always has a home at OMSI. PCC Climb interest as well.

PStark: Electric and autonomous systems interest in the future. This is a Mayoral priority. Shuttle, alignment on Water, Ford to OMSI to convention center. Ties current transit systems along Water and available parking, ODOT blocks. Crossing railroad tracks twice. Train delay a particular concern. Interest from 5-6 providers, they contacted us directly with their interest. Will forward the RFP to the groups interested. Getting word out about the shuttle will be part of this process. There will be a communication process.

PStark: Timing. 12 to 15 mn headway. One of unknowns. Peak hours only. RFP can be dowloaded on the CEIC website.

Structured parking- PStark: Structured parking. Drafting ideas for an rfp.

MBolliger: Get data back from Rick Williams for capacity levels. From data collection map.

Data collection in April. One month for the first data.

Central City in Motion– SCohen map of existing conditions, give your thoughts now. All of the committee is invited to the charette at OMSI.

Security Pilot JLukasik: Implementing ESD in district, district wide security. Dwntwn clean and safe, officer embedded in program, too expensive. What works for our budget. Pilot project on security. Many meetings around St Francis. Interested in working with CEIC to work on solutions to problems where they are the epicenter. Conversations with Sheriff Reece. Think about this program incl Portland and Multnomah Co Police, Commander Sheffer and Reece committed to supporting us. Pilot project to start, learn best practices, grow it. Program- focal point St Francis, some number of blocks, extending into residential areas. This is very preliminary, wants input and would like  TPAC to invest some funds. Investments from Mult Co joint office, business districts, Mult Co, City of Portland.  Meeting with Chief Outlaw in one week. It would be overnight, dark hours.

SLindsay: She is excited that there is interested in dealing with this. Neighborhood needs to be engaged. Not having us at the table is problematic. This has been impacting residential area for decades.

JLukasik: Currently she has been collecting info. This came to CEIC through the businesses around St Francis. Will involve the neighborhood. Catholic Charities will also be part of this.

Portland Streetcar- PStark: Dan B, Exec Dir, they want to have access to funds we have allocated. (last year’s funds) He should talk to Chris. Could we see how the funds are being tracked?

CArmes: In terms of TPAC funds, reconciled at the end of the year. MOU is carried over and estimate of what it will generate, we will get actual expenses as this fiscal year is closed out.

Division Rapid Transit: They still have funding issues. Their response to blocking the left turn on 12th eastbound is “we’ll take it into consideration”. CCIM alignment should be incl in analysis of transit systems of the district.

Next meeting March 21st instead of March 28th because of Spring Break.

JBennett: CCIM, members still scratching head about what they are supposed to do CC in Motion. Grant is 5 million, committee charged with how to spend it. Top of the list is Vision Zero. Next meeting March 22.