August 2017 TPAC Minutes




August 23, 2017

Those present

Michael Bolliger, Susan Lindsay, Summer Triato, Ryan Hashagen, Lynda Viray, Chris Armes, Peter Stark, Dan Yates, Brad Malsin, Michael Zokoych, Juliana Lukasik, Carol Gossett, Susan Pearce, John Tydlaska, Kate Merrill

Guests: Matt Milletto, Doug Hardesty, Lee Leighton, Brent Parry

Those absent

Bob Wentworth, Steve Russell, Summer Triato, Julie Bennett, Brian Johnson

  1. ODOT Block Parking Update

DHardesty City Parking. The Prosper Portland blocks will open up on Sept 15 with 250 parking stalls. There is nothing contractually in place to restrict parking use.

2. Public Comment

MMiletto, owner Water Ave Coffee. He was a member of TPAC in 2012. On Monday, 1:50 AM, Tamar Montheit died in bike accident Water Ave and Taylor. She was an employee in the district. He asked us to please give attention to this street. Taylor and Yamhill at the I-5 exit are extremely dangerous and very active. This street has had multiple injuries and additional fatalities. Tamar was headed north on Water, and the garbage truck turned in front of her. It was exceeding safe speed and didn’t use a blinker. He caught it on his security camera. The cyclist had blinking lights and was obeying all patterns.

KMerrill, witness to a child getting hit on Yamhill. A car barreled down off of I-5 without stopping at the 4-way. Retailers really want solutions in that area.

MMiletto: He met with Bunk and Boke, if there was a 4-way stop at Taylor, this could have been avoided. Chris will investigate and the CEIC will connect her with Matt.

JLukasik: As we look at this area and as we look at the OMSI flashing light, we have to ramp up these conversations.  This whole stretch is going through a massive amount of growth Water Av growth, we need to look at it all the way up to Stark.

SPearce: She agrees with Lukasik that on this entire stretch of Water, there are many speeding cars. She gets worried about the crosswalk at OMSI; they have a flagger.

MBolliger: Enforcement issues with speeding. If there is a fatality at these intersections, ie OMSI crosswalk, its a major liability issue

MMiletto: This is negligence if something isn’t done. We need to do something. He gets nearly hit every day. Let’s celebrate Water Ave. Let’s make it a positive shared street.

3. Central City Multi-Modal Study Update

PStark: In the Central City 2035 Plan, the green loop map shows it on 7th. Gabe assured us that there would be a process to go thru a multi-modal study and examine green loop and other improvements. Gabe will be here next month to give us an update.

SPearce In the land use committee meeting, Gabe came and indicated that 7th Ave was decision of the SE Quadrant. Linda Nettekoven said it was a placeholder. It seems that one segment of PBOT doesn’t know what other side is doing. Work still needs to be done in that area.

PStark: 7th was the major city bikeway that was supposed to be on 9th. What we need to know is what kind of improvement are they putting in on 7th Ave. A separated bikeway could be a real problem for freight.

RHashagen: Can there be a side by side freight and bike? Thought that at charette 6th ave would be good for green loop, but heard that 7th Ave needed to be brought up to minimum safety standard, same as Water Av bike lane. But many people at PBOT and BDS advocating for different things. What about the multi-modal study we put forth in this committee?

PStark: We need to involve the planners in this. There are other solutions than just 7th. Gabe will need to give us an update and answer our questions next month

CArmes: Not tracking it at all. She thought it would be addressed after TPAC did the multi-modal study. We need to regroup because that’s not what you agreed to.

PStark: Art Pearce made it clear a decision made last year.  He implied we had made the decision. This was a red flag during the SE quadrant plan.

CGossett: There are issues like connecting to the bridge over 84 that should be taken into consideration and what are the economic implications?

PStark: 6th and 7th? do you need both? My suggestion was to make 6th very safe to bicyclists and take them off of 7th.

RHashagen: On the heat maps Gabe have shown, 7th and Sandy are important for bike commuters, higher speed bikes.

PStark: The district is struggling because there is only so much we can give up to bikes.

3. Parking Management Manual Update

JLukasik: Parking Management Manual, not much has changed. PBOT is establishing a protocol if someone wants to start a new parking district.

CArmes: PBOT is managing existing meter districts. Data driven decisions are being made on rates. It will establish new management areas. PBOT is looking at management tools and how they will be applied. Public piece and operating manual for staff at PBOT. This is a manual for managing parking.

SPearce: Will this affect the sort of thing that is done here?

CArmes: It will open up different ways to manage open area parking programs; how to manage the on street parking for residential example. It won’t change existing systems.

JLukasik: The PMM group has had 3 meetings already. There has been discussion on how things are metered, etc. There is still discussion on how parking districts would be formed. 3 potential parking districts reached out to her about how they can form. It occurred to her that none of them are at the table.

CArmes: PBOT selected people with more than one interest to keep size manageable. No areas will be established until this is complete. This is a public meeting and anyone can attend. It is on the web page.

4. Bylaw revision

PStark: Bylaw revision, how committee functions in relation to Central Eastside. In the bylaws, it is required for voting members to be members of the CEIC. The CEIC gives neighborhood associations membership. The intent was not to make committee exclusive to paying CEIC members. Proposed amendment to add the ability to a TPAC member without paying for CEIC membership.

Options 1: adding ability to give any TPAC member ability to join at no cost.

Option 2: Added anyone who makes a request can join at no cost

Option 3: Anyone on TPAC gets a membership. 

He suggests adding an exception under the CEIC bylaws that you don’t have to be a member to participate in TPAC. This gets us out of giving away free memberships.

SPearce: There are members of TPAC that aren’t necessarily members of CEIC? HAND has offered to pay dues to the CEIC.

PStark: Everyone is a member here because of the bylaws. TPAC has offered HAND their membership.

JLukasik: HAND shouldn’t pay dues, CEIC is in their district.

MZokoych: In regards to Kerns, Steve Russell is no longer a member.

PStark: Now that the committee knows that it is not an insurance concern, he suggests changing the CEIC bylaws for the TPAC, then removing all mention of CEIC membership obligations in the TPAC bylaws.

The group was in agreement with this approach.

JLukasik: Urged people to be a member of the CEIC nonetheless, as an active member of the community.

CArmes: The committee applicants need to have a connection to the CEID, resident or business.

PStark: Leave it open for a consultant to be able to apply who doesn’t necessarily live here or work here.

5. 2017-18 Budget Draft

PStark: Asked committee to weigh in on budget. Are they comfortable moving forward with some semblance of the numbers presented. He added 5K for bike racks at PBOT’s request. He is now drafting narratives for each line item.

CArmes: Scott does TDM Outreach for the bike racks. Don’t always have funding for all of the requests. This will reduce wait time. After PBOT uses total funds available for bike racks in the city, this would ensure that the CEID could continue getting bike racks.

CArmes: This is on a fiscal year. Last fiscal year reconciled and projected what sold for NG this year and their will be a reconciliation last year

JTydlaska: Why graffiti abatement?

JLukasik: This came out of the open house we did. Clean & Safe is a huge part of street, sidewalks, cars. etc. Graffiti falls under this. Feel safer with less graffiti. Made a motion to approve budget moving forward, knowing that budget may change and the group will have a chance to approve a final budget

SPearce: Seconded the motion. 

MZokoych: Shuttle?

PStark: Two Shuttle buses during peak hours N/S for more mobility in the district.

JLukasik: This would establish the pilot project. If it is successful we could increase the budget. It could tie into the ODOT blocks. Simple and Autodesk enthused about this; also a great safety method for employees returning to their cars in the evening.

MZokoych: Matching from corporate monies available?

JLukasik: This could happen; focused on getting the funding for the pilot.

SPearce: Would the matching funds be in addition to the TPAC monies, or included in ESD?

JLukasik: The ESD may very likely be a match in that program. A la carte services could be paid by an employer outside of their ESD contribution.

RHashagen: Offstreet parking? Selection process?

JL: Learning a lot about other solutions like mechanical parking. A selection process would be part of this. 

CArmes: I would have to go through the city attorney.

Passed, all in favor.

Minutes approval for July 2017

MBolliger: adjustment on stacking vehicles, the prototype with skin is actually $20,000/space.

Needs to be RHashagen throughout.

JLukasik: Motion to approve June and July minutes

RHashagen: Seconded

Brent Perry, President of Bremik Construction. His offices are at 10th and Stark. They have been there since 2009. They are a commercial contractor in the Portland metro area. Zone G established up to 10th. It made sense then to have the buffer zone. 10th and 11th is the homeless ground, people have figured this out. Got very good help from CEIC and PBOT already. Is there any consideration of extending zone G? 5 years ago, there was good parking and they liked the neighborhood. Now, no clients want to come now. No parking and homeless.

JLukasik: This is a buffer zone issue. We may need to discuss this again. Even Susan Lindsay is being impacted by these issues now. Could HAND help broker a conversation about this, as the only neighborhood here?

SPearce: HAND was always lukewarm about the buffer zone. Until orange line opened, there was little problem with commuters. A large chunk of the buffer zone doesn’t exist in HAND. The largest segment is along Ladd’s Addition within HAND

JLukasik: She suggest having a smaller committee meeting with SLindsay and think about solutions. She is frustrated with this very issue and may be willing to talk about it now.

SPearce: She would like to be in that meeting with another HAND board member.

MZokoych: The buffer zone was passed by City Council and there was an ordinance. There will need to be a change to the ordinance. Also SLindsay will say that we shouldn’t be opening a discussion about this now. Many merchants & businesses that object to the buffer being there.

CArmes: TPAC has more to offer this time. In this budget we have money for grants to neighborhoods for permit programs.

MBolliger: This allocation is deliberately to address this buffer. 

PStark: The buffer is just an area where we decided not to implement the permit program.

JLukasik: It would be a better approach to talk to SLindsay in smaller group first before opening it to a larger group.

MBolliger: We’ll put it on a calendar.

JLukasik: In the meantime, the reporting works.

MZokoych: Concerned about lax enforcement in the area in conjunction with the camping problem.

KMerrill: The CEIC is working with ONI to do business watch trainings for reporting camping, etc.

CArmes: 2 round in training, 3 round will come online soon. Talk to Donald about how many are in district.