April 2018 TPAC Minutes

April 2018 TPAC Minutes – adopted

Present: Susan Lindsay, Susan Pearce, Mike Bolliger(Chair), Kate Merrill, Grant Morehead, Kristi Eagan, Peter Stark, Nathan Clarke, Michael Zokoych, Julie Bennett, Tom Keenen, Scott Cohen, Michelle Sprague, Dan Golden, Chris Armes, Rina Jimmerson


Minutes from last meeting approved by Michael Zokoych and seconded by Nathan Clark

2 abstained – Susan Lindsay and Susan Pearce


No public comment


Nomination of Ken Wilson in his absence – he will be replacing Carol Gossett from OMSI

Nominated by Michael Zokoych and seconded by Susan Pearce

Ken is also on the CCIM sounding board and the CEIC Board


OMSI Flashing light


Board was concerned that the budget we have 45 000 $

It is a very important issue, lots of children go through and lots of traffic…Chris Armes is asked and then she delegates Grant from PBOT explains the situation.  He manages this project and distributes 6 copies.  He walks us through the situation, breaks down the budget.  The ramp from sidewalk to crosswalk is the problem but needs to be redone because needs to meet current ADA standard.

The 45 000 $ may have been a number that covered just hard costs but all the design and survey and ramp work was not included when given to you.


Peter Stark asks if there is already a ramp there.  Yes, there is but PBOT sees it as updated a crossing, we (TPAC) wanted only to add a light.  Grant says it comes as a group.


Michael wants to know if we can lower speed limit to 10 miles/hour.  Grant says not possible.


Susan Lindsay asks for details on the location of the crossing.


Dan reps OMSI – admits being new to OMSI but not to schools.  Explains that it is a blind curve and very dangerous.  Distributes pictures of the number of people cross there …during 12-week period there are 69 308 crossings at this spot.  OMSI’s message is we should not have a fatality.


Kate asks Chris to explain why PBOT can’t share costs for this…answer is we only fund those that have documented injuries/fatalities or identified danger zones and this intersection is not part of that list.


Susan Pearce explains two geese have been killed and is disappointed that PBOT doesn’t recognize the danger and would contribute.  She drives through the crossing regularly at 20 miles an hour or less and explains the traffic that she causes and then the other drivers that zoom by her as soon as they can.  She reiterates that it is a blind spot.


Michelle Sprague asks if the buses have to stop on this site and that is why there are so many kids.


Dan says the kids go back and forth from the buildings for diverse activities.


Susan Lindsay asks if there is a possibility that OMSI can share the cost for the ramp part of the renovation of the crossing.  Dan promises to bring it back to OMSI.


Michael asks who paid for flashing lights at Benson high school.  No answer.

Michael asks if the children are chaperoned answer is yes.


Nathan asks of we can do a speed trap.


Peter Stark asks can we install an advisory speed sign.  Grant has to look into that.  Chris Armes says there already are signs and we are not sure if they are effective.


John asks are we discussing as to whether to go forward with this project or possibly coming back on the decision.


Grant urges that PBOT would like to go ahead with this project because the price is less this year.  Is looking for a green light for this higher budget range…he expects between 75 000 $ to 90 000 $.


Mike recommends that we are still wanting to put it in but the cost that doubled is the problem.  Proposes a solution which is to keep the 45 000 $ that is already budgeted that end June 30 coming.  WE then budget another 45 or 50 000 in the next year budget.  Meanwhile, Dan will ask OMSI for help.


Kate on Juliana’s behalf asks if we could get independent bids for this work.  Chris Armes says the delays would be very long.


Susan Lindsay admits it is a compelling need and suggests why not installing bumps like around other school zones.  Grant answers that is an emergency route and so those cannot be installed.


Discussion ensues on speed cushions and rumbles…because they are alright for emergencies route.


MOTION to address additional costs is discussed.


Final motion: To begin the installation with the 45 000 $ currently approved and in the case of cost overruns we agree to add that into our future budget if we cannot get help from OMSI or PBOT.


Julie if we say yes today can it get done by mid-June?  Grant says very difficult but perhaps.


Susan Pearce: if the work is not done by mid-June will the situation be even more dangerous for the children?


Michael the students that participate in the programs …is it free to them?  IF OMSI is offering the programs for free then he believes that we should pay the extra but if the students are paying for the programs/activities then OMSI should chip in.


Susan Lindsay believes that OMSI should chip in to the costs that the TPAC is incurring.  Everyone agrees that Dan should follow-up.


Julie Bennet asks about getting a general accounting of funds on a quarterly basis.  Chris Armes is reconciling everything at the moment so in May we will get an accounting for the next MOU.


Kate reminds of the ramp closures on I-5, each ramp will close for two weeks…there will be a huge impact.


Kate (on behalf of Dan) announces the letter asking city to explore the idea of a commuter ferry that the Executive committee sent to City.  Mentions that Frog Ferry may come to give us a presentation at a future TPAC meeting.


Shuttle update – Kate announces that we have chosen City Center Parking as our service provider, the start date is possibly May 21st, we are finalizing the stops and working on service agreements.  We increased our liability from 1 million to 2 million.


Open House – Rina makes reference to the flyer that was distributed, the timing of the events and location and reiterated the type of event that it is.  Kate also, mentioned the survey that we will be distributed and its importance.


Susan Pearce wants to know if we should forward the survey to our groups.  Kate says yes.  Peter Stark encourages to attend the meeting.


Central City in Motion update

Scott from City Center in Motion puts up maps with existing conditions and that he has updated it with existing freight, TSB, etc.…this is a foundation to how CCIM is looking at what is going on to better evaluate the future.


Michael notices a bridge replacement at 12th and wants to know more.  Scott, we will not build that but it is one map.


John recognizes and thanks Scott CCIM for taking the time to include the freight lines.  Scott will send out this map to everyone.


Scott, we have 8 million dollars to build, we are focusing on 3 areas…. we are not building transit lines but rather trying to improve areas where there are tie-ups.  Ideas are to introduce a BAT lane, staring to refine where they can provide some benefit to what exists now.  We are picking some bile lines, transit lines and start to prioritize them.


Susan Pearce says that close attention needs to be paid to traffic tie-ups on Division and Milwaukie when the train is stopped for 25 mins – it affects all movement not just freight.


Scott, we are looking at small projects with only 8 million – nothing like the BRT on Division.


Peter, says a freight study system is needed including dedicated bike lanes and others and he wanted to reiterate that because originally, we were to identify things prior to PBOT going ahead without this study.  Scot says, we are simply trying to identify stuff and he admits that changes can and will be made after the study that Peter made reference to.


Peter reiterates that adjustments can be made despite the fact that PBOT has already identified projects…no changes will be made until after the freight study.


Julie Bennett says CCIM last meeting is in August so she wants to know about the timeline of events…. when will the freight study be.  Scott says it is on our timeline.  We may do another workshop for CEID in July.


Tom Keenan asks why on 11th and 12th why does it stop at Burnside and not go to Couch.  You need east and west sides of 12th.


Pedestrian Improvement map has greatly been improved, says Scott…we have focused on crossings.  We heard in the workshop that 6th should be here.

Susan Pearce says Harrison should also be included – Scot says that it is identified but it is not yet funded.


Peter wants to know if CCIM is considering Grand for pedestrian priority because it is a commercial corridor and would very much like to see improved pedestrian accessibility.  Scott says that this goes to council but there is also possibility of changing recommendations.


Refined bikeway network is Scott’s third map.  Used to have 9 streets now has only 5 from Park to NATO…so we are getting a lot of public feedback.  Kate mentions that these were for all users… CCIM prefers to use the term “low stress” routes – physically protected or low speed, car shared environment.


Susan Lindsay says a lot are identified where there are a lot of trucks particularly on 11th and 12th where there are a lot of trucks, so she doesn’t understand how it can be low-stress if there is freight on them.   She continues to ask, would you be removing parking on 11th and 12th…. Scott says we will have to change the way the street works so that is possible.  The City can’t just remove cars and travel lanes when they have created all this congestion.


Scott is taking note of Susan’s remarks regarding 11 and 12th.  Susan Lindsay wants a meeting with Scott to be able to provide detailed information.  Michael has similar concerns with regard to Sandy, 7th and down to Division…. freight take precedent over pedestrian and bicycle.


Peter adds that Water, Sandy, 7th, 11th and 12 th are all of the major freight ways in the district when there is an inherent conflict between freight movement and comfortable movement by bikes…we must stop putting bikes where traffic is heaviest.


Jim Kennison says he takes triple freight trucks down Davis but somebody is going to get killed especially if you narrow it off for bicycles.



Scott mentions that these are the conversations that we have to have and remember that we cannot build all this with only 8 million.


Susan Pearce would like to invite PBOT, CEIC, Buckman and Kearns to a meeting on June 5 or 29th…a meeting that was suggested at the last land use meeting by Peter Finley Fry.



Greg from Portland Sunday Parkways explains a bit about what is happening on July 22 for the event.  He thanks TPAC for being a sponsor.  He shows area hubs in the loop that is expected for that day…. like vendors, food, living room, impromptu dance parties, etc.…


Jim Kennison from Franz says he working with Linda and Matthew because this route has to be changed and Michael brings up the fact that July 22 nd is at the same time that the ODOT 84 – I-5 ramp is closed, Greg will make sure to inform Sunday Parkways.


Peter Stark would like a motion to allow him to draft a letter for the continued expansion of the streetcar to loop over at the Burnside Bridgehead and it would go all the way into our district.


Nathan wants to make sure that that would improve reliability.


Michael proposes the motion which is seconded by Nathan.