TPAC October 2019 Minutes

Central Eastside Transportation & Parking Advisory Committee

A Committee of the Central Eastside Industrial Council


Meeting Date: October 23, 2019


Attendees: Chris Armes, Julie Bennett, Deane Funk, Susan Lindsay, Kate Merrill, Michelle Sprague, Tina McNerthney, Susan Pearce, Ryan Hashagen, Kristan Alldrin


Guests Present: Darren Lund (TriMet) and Sarah Goforth (PBOT), Wilfred Pinfold (Urban Systems), Michael Espinoza (PBOT), Jacob Bendick, Lee Leighton


CEIC Staff: Adrienne Chaillé, Nyla Clark, Linda Gamberg


Absent: Dan Yates, Nathan Clark



Approval of Minutes from September 2019

Pearce motioned to approve minutes; D. Funk seconded motion. Committee voted unanimously to enter September 2019 meeting minutes into record.


Staff Introduction:

L. Gamberg is the new Manager of Partnerships & Operations for CEIC. She will be working in tandem with S. Goforth and M. Espinoza of PBOT to promote Transportation Wallet and any future transit/mobility products. Merrill added that CEIC will be reaching out to property management companies to include information about Transportation Wallet in tenant welcome packs and will attend outreach events at properties. T. McNerthney suggested CEIC reach out to Killian Pacific.


Update: TriMet Conversation

Lund introduced himself as TriMet’s Transit System & Transportation Options Educator for Portland’s Eastside. He reviewed TriMet’s pass structure, and options for TPAC to consider regarding making changes to the Transportation Wallet and/or towards creating a second transit pass to meet the needs of Central Eastside commuters. D. Lund also explained the process for organizations to qualify for participating in TriMet’s Universal Pass program.

Merrill reported that CEIC could offer a new commuter pass based on the institutional HOP Pass, which would allow CEIC to qualify individuals to receive credit for up to six monthly passes. S. Pearce asked what would happen when the purchaser has been issued six monthly passes, and D. Lund explained that they could no longer add value to their pass, however they could buy a Transportation Wallet to continue enjoying subsidized transportation benefits.

 Hashagen asked if TPAC should explore a Universal Pass option as an organization. D. Lund explained that this would not be a feasible option for TriMet in 2020, but that it could be explored as a longer-term solution for meeting the needs of commuters working within the Central Eastside.

Hashagen also asked if CEIC has asked PBOT about making the Transportation Wallet more beneficial to Central Eastside commuters, instead of introducing a new pass product. A. Chaillé noted that CEIC has scheduled meetings with both PBOT and TriMet to discuss current as well as future options for passes, back-end administration and about increasing the transit credit on the Transportation Wallet to $250. Goforth asked if TriMet could increase the monthly pass credit beyond $250; Lund replied that is not currently possible.


Merrill confirmed Lund will be invited to attend future TPAC meetings to help facilitate discussions.


Update: Wallet, Transit Pass, & Communications

Goforth reported that the Transportation Wallet (TW) will continue to be available online, and that sales of the 2020 version should begin at the end of January.


Review: TPAC Recruitment Process, Timeline, & Outreach 2020

Merrill reported that CEIC staff has also started reaching out to potential candidates to serve on TPAC in 2020. A. Chaillé noted that the new recruitment process complies with Office of Civic Life requirements. C. Armes added that all City advisory boards are undergoing processes to align their bylaws with Civic Life requirements.

 Bennet asked how many candidates should be invited to serve on TPAC. Merrill noted that decision would be at TPAC’s discretion. R. Hashagen suggested that TPAC schedule recruitment twice a year in alignment with signing of the MOU; Merrill agreed.


Funk recommended postponing the TPAC recruitment deadline until the end of first week of December. Members in attendance concurred.


A.Chaillé asked members for feedback on the draft application, and after discussion A. Chaillé agreed to distribute final application package once recommended edits were included.


Merrill asked members to notify both her and A. Chaillé if they had any TPAC candidates in mind. She also noted that current members whose terms end in 2019 must notify her to continue serving on TPAC. Chaillé offered to follow up with members whose terms end in 2019.


Merrill also reported that TPAC bylaws would be updated in March, for the purpose of aligning them with public participation requirements from the City’s Office of Civic Life.


Public Comment

Bendick asked if Zone N parking was being discontinued. Merrill explained that existing parking passes will still be honored, but that no new passes are being issued. She added that individuals with existing parking passes may not transfer them to another person. Merrill also explained that TPAC conducts a parking survey each year, which is used to inform a discussion each spring about the number of meters TPAC recommends that the City should install within the district. She invited to join that discussion and/or become a member of TPAC.

Chaillé offered to talk to J. Bendick about parking needs at his property and suggested the Transportation Wallet as an option for his tenants. She also mentioned that she will instruct Rick Williams to invite businesses at J. Bendick property to participate in the transportation demand management study he is conducting for CEIC.


Mobility Hub

Funk reported that PGE owns an underutilized property at SE 8th and Stark upon which the company would like to launch a mobility hub. The property is currently zoned for industrial use, which has complicated City approval of its long-term use as a mobility hub. PGE is now pursuing a temporary use permit to pilot a mobility hub at this site.


Next Meetings

Due to the holidays, attendees agreed to meet on December 11 in place of regularly scheduled November and December meetings. Goforth offered to present findings about transit usage behavioral changes since 2017 at the December 11 meeting.


Last Mile Transportation

Sprague discussed letter being drafted regarding how train diverts buses at Division, 11th and 12th and will share with Committee.



Meeting adjourned at 5:25p.m.