The Merchants & Makers Committee of the CEIC is comprised of area businesses in many sectors that come together to promote the area and to enhance its livability. The committee meets every other month on Tuesday evenings at 6:15pm, and committee businesses host meetings. Our next meeting Tuesday, March 14th, 2017. The location will be announced in February.

Following is a summary of the committee’s work since October.
We are supporting local events that bring people into the district and animate our streets:
1. The Merchants & Makers Committee helped to launch the Portland Night Market. Over 21,000 people attended the last 3-day event in November. The next Night Market is on February 10th and 11th from 4pm to 11pm. There are just under 200 vendors and they can still make room for more vendors.

2. The Portland Winter Light Festival has presented at the last few meetings. PWLF takes place between February 1-4. Businesses in the district can buy lanterns from local makers, Global Homestead Garage and Splinter, to show their solidarity with the event. The M&M Committee is also working with the Portland Winter Light Festival (PWLF) organizers to find parking lots ion the area for festival attendees. The parking lots will have attendants and the proceeds from the paid parking will go to support the PWLF, a non-profit arts org.
We have been leading neighborhood cleanups with partner SOLVE:
1. At the Neighborhood Cleanup which took place October 1st, a group of 18 volunteers came together with 2 representatives from Solve, and The City of Portland’s Graffiti Abatement Coordinator and graffiti removal contractor. In addition to one dumpster of trash, another 120 pounds of garbage was picked up by Solve, as well as proper disposal of a full sharps container of used needles.
2. MLK Clean-Up was to be on January 16th, a collaboration with SOLVE with many district sponsors (food for volunteers, meeting space), and 200 volunteers signed up. The Clean Up was postponed due to the snow.
We are putting together a new neighborhood walking and biking map:
1. Map committee.  A committee of eight has formed to create a new printed map which will represent a larger geographical area and more businesses. We will have our first meeting with Venture Portland at the end of January to look over what other districts have made and to get best practices for making our map.
We are assisting the CEIC with their revamped website:
There are several visibility opportunities for businesses want to advertise on the site.
For more information, contact Kate Merrill: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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