About The Central Eastside Industrial Council

The Central Eastside Industrial Council is a non-profit, volunteer organization, responsible for representing businesses and property owners residing in the Central Eastside Industrial District (CEID) in Portland, Oregon. The 681-acre district encompassing property south of I-84 to Powell and the river to SE 12th contains 1,122 businesses and over 17,000 employees. This site includes information that is not only useful to our members by any business interested in locating to the CEID. This website includes information about our board, members, committees and calendar of events.

Mission Statement
As past President Earl Bolliger used to say, “the CEIC it isn’t a knife & fork club, it is a doer & planner organization for the betterment of Portland, its economy & its neighborhoods.” For over 25 years, the CEIC has continued to represent the businesses in the district in all City Organizations. Our mission is simply this:

To maintain the Central Eastside Industrial District as an industrial sanctuary, ensure it continues to be a major employment zone for the city of Portland, and to protect the rights of property owners and businesses in the district.

Whether it’s tax increases, parking, street alignment or nuisance crime, our goal is to provide the businesses in the district a voice at city hall. Here are just some of the topics that the CEIC and our Committees are working on:

* Burnside Bridgehead Project
* Burnside/Couch Couplet
* Parking (or lack of) in the District
* Graffiti
* Streetcar
* Urban Renewal Funding
* Land Use issues
* Trespassers and vagrancy
* Various tax increases for a variety of ‘City Issues’

But wait! There’s more!

Although we go toe-to-toe with city agencies and city hall on behalf of our members, we still know how to have fun. With a variety of networking events, our members have many ways to increase their own business, while learning more about the other businesses in the district. Check out our calendar to find our next upcoming event.

* Special Events – Unwind and have some fun. Our golf and bowling tournaments are always much anticipated, relationship-building events. A unique way to get more business (by playing)!

* Quarterly Meetings - Whether it’s a luncheon or an early-evening event, you’ll learn what’s going on in the district, discuss issues and concerns with other business owners and meet new clients and customers in a relaxed atmosphere.

As you can see, if you have a business or own property in the district, this is THE organization to belong to. Your opinions and ideas can help shape the future of our district and continue to make it a viable and strong area. Plus, your business has the opportunity to grow significantly no matter what you do, because companies in the district always look to do business with other companies in the district.

Protect your property rights. Protect your business rights. Get your voice heard at all city agencies. Succeed. The CEIC is the organization to help you achieve these.

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A Brief History Of The CEIC
Following completion of the Industrial Revitalization Study in 1978, Mayor Neil Goldschmidt and representatives from local Eastside businesses designed the District Sanctuary.

The Central Eastside Council [CEIC] was created in 1980 and initially represented central eastside businesses, property owners, several City bureaus and a team of consultants. Since then, the CEIC has been a major catalyst for environmental and economic improvement in the district.

The CEIC is responsible for bringing OMSI and the Oregon Convention Center to their current locations and helped erase the possibility of a new jail being built in the current B & O Building.

We are consistently working with various city agencies to ensure that businesses in the district have their concerns heard and resolved. We work closely with the Portland Police Bureau to significantly reduce the amount of nuisance crimes and graffiti. The CEIC has also brought parking, traffic circulation and property development to public attention.

In 1983, CEIC worked with 1000 Friends of Oregon, a land use planning watchdog organization, to write a document further defining the role of the district. In 1986, an urban renewal plan for the district was proposed by the Portland Development Commission and approved by the City Council.

Since that time, the CEIC has worked closely with the PDC to foster economic development in the area. Achievements that arose out of the urban renewal designation are the development on Logus block and Barbur blocks, storefront and street improvements along Martin Luther King Boulevard, redevelopment at S. E. Taylor and Main as well as many other projects. Additionally, significant funds were used to build the Eastbank Esplanade Riverwalk, which in connection with the Waterfront Park on the west side, serves as a recreation area enjoyed by the entire city.

Here is a complete list of our Board of Directors.

Here are some recent real estate transactions in the district. Information provided by Todd DeNeffe of Cascade Commercial.

Stacey Witbeck (SW) is the go to firm for light rail; commuter rail and street car construction nationally has made a big acquisition in the Central Eastside.

They paid $2.8 million for a 3 acre site just across the street from the Milwaukie Light Rail alignment on SE Gideon. The property was owned by the McGinley family that owns considerable real estate in the area and whose real estate holdings date back to the founding of North Pacific Lumber decades ago.

The site includes a large wood frame office building leased to North Pacific off-shoot Shelter Properties. SW is the main contractor for the eastside trolley project and will also be performing substantial work on Milwaukie Light Rail so proximity to these projects obviously played into this acquisition.

Moving from a small office bldg a few blocks away the site will allow for more room for their large inventory of rolling stock and people as the construction on the next leg of light rail cranks up this year and next.

Next Adventure You have seen their mugs on many ads for the last half dozen years as they publicize some great deals on outdoor gear with their store on SE Grand Avenue. Deek Hykamp of Next Adventure had been looking in the area for almost two years for additional warehouse space to feed their successful outdoor store on SE Grand and their boat center nearby.

They closed on an older 20,000 sf warehouse at 320 SE Division Place just blocks from the coming light rail bridge over the Willamette. “We had been looking for a warehouse for close to 2 years to service our store as well as our boat center and this just fit our criteria as it was nearby and the price was also attractive”.

The sale price was $1,350,000 or $67.50 psf.

River City Bicycles One of the more successful bike retailers in our bike crazy city completed the purchase of two story industrial building at the eastside foot of the Morrison Bridge. The 10,000 sf building (5000 sf per floor) was purchased from Venerable Properties that had substantially spiffed up the property for a very healthy $1,400,000 ($140 psf).

The healthy price is attributable to its exposure and access where River City has established an “outlet” location. Of course there is no car parking but plenty of bike racks.

About The CEID

The 681-acre district encompassing property south of I-84 to Powell and the river to SE 12th contains 1,122 businesses and over 17,000 employees. This site includes information that is not only useful to our members but any business interested in locating to the CEID.

2017 CEIC Officers

Our Officers and Board are made up of people like you who work, own and run a business in the district. 

Brad Malsin
Beam Development

Debbie Kitchin
Immediate Past President

Eric Cress
Vice President
UDP Development

Bob Scott
Columbia Bank

Juliana Lukasik
Interim Executive Director

Karen Siegle