TPAC Committee

The primary goal of the Transportation & Parking Advisory Committee (TPAC) is to leverage the transportation and parking systems to assist, foster, and expand employment and business growth in the Central Eastside Industrial District.  This includes: improved parking management, freight mobility, ride-sharing and public transport; facilitating bicycle and pedestrian use; and promoting sustainable measures to improve air quality and livability for district residents, employers and employees.

Juliana Lukasik, TPAC Executive Director

Current Transportation Promos: Check out the Transportation Wallet for the Central Eastside. The CEIC is partnering with PBOT to offer Central Eastside employees and residents: $50 credit on a Tri-Met hop card, an annual Biketown membership, and an annual Streetcar Pass for only $99. This is a $634 value. Sign up here

Parking Permit Program: For more info, go here

2017-18 CEIC/TPAC MOU and BUDGET TPAC MOU 11.13.17 FinalTPAC MOU Budget Final 2017

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