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Stumptown Coffee

How long have you been in the district? In a few sentences, could you tell us about the genesis of your business and its uniqueness?

Stumptown has been headquartered in the Central Eastside for almost 5 years, and in SE Portland since 1999.  Our current operation includes coffee roasting, packaging, distribution, offices, and a training center for our wholesale partners.  We operate a Cold Brew brewery/production space just a few blocks away from the roastery.  We open to the public for coffee tastings daily, giving customers a chance to try our menu and learn a little bit about coffee and Stumptown.  It’s a lot to do under just a few roofs!  As a company we have experienced a lot of growth and change over the years, but have remained anchored here in SE Portland close to where the brand began.

What is happening in your business right now that your excited to share?

As we grow we are working on plans to reinvest in our current facilities.  Business needs are constantly evolving, and we are always looking for creative ways to get more out of our spaces.  Over the next few months we will be working on adding innovation and efficiency to our roastery while maximizing office space.

What do like most about being in the Central Eastside Industrial District?

The Central Eastside is an ideal location for our employees.  We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!  It is centrally located between our four Portland cafes, provides easy access for bikes or walking to work, and is the perfect mix of functional industrial space and creative inspiration.  We distribute all over the Portland metro, and it provides a perfect hub for getting around town.  It is exciting to be a part of such a dynamic and changing neighborhood- it fits with who we are.

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