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Earthquake Tech

How long have you been in the district?

We have been in our building at 210 SE Madison for 7 years.

In a few sentences, could you tell us about the genesis of your business and its uniqueness?

Earthquake Tech began in 1999 when owner Steve Gemmell sought earthquake insurance and found out that he had to secure his old 1917 home to its foundation in order to qualify for a policy. Steve’s desire to safe guard his home and biggest asset fueled his taking advantage of the opportunity to provide a solid service for people that shared his need and create a business. Twenty years later we are still bolting down Portland’s homes and buildings.

What is happening in your business right now that you’re excited to share?

We are celebrating our 20th year anniversary ! Feels like time has just flown. Having a blast connecting with old friends in the industry to celebrate and put on events all year ! We are sponsoring the Architectural Heritage Center’s Old House Revival Tour on April 13th. We are also presenting an excellent speaker on resilience and Portland in the face of such an earthquake disaster. Steven Eberlein – Tipping Point Resilience : Co-sponsored by Earthquake Tech and Impact NW – all proceeds go to Impact NW. I am excited to partner with Impact NW as they are really fighting the good fight to keep people housed affordably in Portland.

What do you like most about being in the Central Eastside Industrial District?

What we like about our shop in the SE Industrial area ? It is still affordable for us in 2019 ! We have been here for seven years and our landlord has been good to us. It has been fun to watch this place develop – watching people come in and do their thing. There is a lot of creativity here !

Company Website: http://www.earthquaketech.com

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