The CEIC Presents: Charter Reform, Portland’s Way Forward?

An Evening of Cocktails and Conversation featuring Commissioner Mingus Mapps and Andrew Speer.

This November Portland voters will have the opportunity to decide on Measure 26-228, a proposal to reform Portland’s City Charter, changing how the city operates and how voters are represented by the Portland City Council. The Central Eastside Industrial Council is dedicated to educating our members and community about civic issues, and is happy to present a public conversation on this important topic between City Commissioner Mingus Mapps, and Charter Commission member Andrew Speer.


In December 2020, Portland City Council appointed a 20-member Charter Commission. Following a year and a half of study, 26 community listening sessions, 16.5 hours of public testimony and over 100 public meetings and hearings, the independent commission referred a package of reforms to the November ballot. Portland is the only city of its size to still have the commission form of government, where city commissioners directly manage bureaus as well as pass laws and ordinances. The proposal has critics and there is an active campaign on both sides. Commissioner Mingus Mapps is proposing a different version of local government reform which he proposes would be on the May 2023 ballot if Measure 26-228 does not pass. This forum will include a discussion about Measure 26-228 and about Commissioner Mapps’ alternative proposal.

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