Central Eastside Together November Paint Out


Let us spruce up your storefront while we give the Central Eastside a monthly paint refresh!

Central Eastside Together and volunteers from the City of Portland and Central City Concern are holding. monthly paint-out day events where we can cover graffiti and tags under eight feet on privately owned properties in the Central Eastside.

To receive services, you must first complete a waiver and send it to graffiti@ceic.cc. If you have already completed a waiver you do not need to submit a new one. Paint-outs will be done by volunteers from the City of Portland & Central City Concern’s Community Volunteer Corps, with paint provided by Metro Paint. We can use the paint you provide. A business/building contact must be on site during the paint-out event. We are not able to cover tags over 8 feet or remove tags with methods other than paint.

The next Paint Out Event will be held Monday, November 22 from 9am-12pm.