Service Plan

After soliciting significant feedback from Central Eastside stakeholders including business and property owners, community partners, government officials and advocacy organizations, and assessing successful ESD models in Portland and across the country, the Central Eastside: Enhanced Steering Committee did what Central Eastside does best – innovated to create a unique set of programs and metrics to address the district’s challenges and meet its specific needs. Central Eastside: Enhanced – of, by and for Central Eastside.

Since 2017 the Central Eastside: Enhanced Steering Committee facilitated 25 outreach events to discuss the proposed ESD and solicit community feedback. In addition, Steering Committee members met with more than 200 individual property owners. The Committee used feedback and suggestions from each outreach event and individual meeting, along with district crime statistics and real-time results from Central Eastside: Enhanced Pilot Projects (cleaning, safety, shuttle) to design the Central Eastside: Enhanced Service Plan. Several key stakeholder groups (home owners, houseless community advocates, merchants and makers and residential building owners were targeted for specific meetings to ensure that the needs of their industry/constituents were being met appropriately. Additional outreach mailings (postal and electronic) about the proposed Service Plan reached more than 1,500 business and property owners. The following Service Plan is the result of collaborative community input.


Central Eastside: Enhanced will implement 6 service categories:

  • Sidewalk Operations and Safety
  • Streetscape Improvement and District Identity
  • Parking and Transportation
  • Community and Workforce Innovation Fund
  • Advocacy and Administration
  • Contingency/Reserve


Examples of Enhanced Services include but are not limited to:

  • Highly-trained street-level staff and a security team document and address crime, graffiti and trash, and connect those in need to transit, social or supportive services, and generally enhance the evening pedestrian experience;
  • Enhanced trash removal in public rights of way and as needed sidewalk power washing (garbage, biohazards, bulky items);
  • Graffiti documentation and removal (within 24 hours);
  • Safe routes to active transportation and parking, including improved lighting.

Learn more about our successful Sidewalk Operations Pilot Project.


Examples of Enhanced Services include, but are not limited to:

  • District brand/identity; Web site, newsletter and communications;
  • Marketing and promotions strategies including district-wide events;
  • Wayfinding including map, banners and signage promoting assets, transit and destinations;
  • Public amenities including murals and trash cans.


Examples of Enhanced Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Water Avenue Shuttle;
  • Transportation demand management and road safety improvements;
  • Efficient movement of freight and representation on Portland Freight Committee;
  • Discounted transit passes for district employees (bus, streetcar).

Learn more about our successful Water Avenue Shuttle Pilot Project.


Small annual grants to:

  • Businesses implementing innovative workforce development strategies (e.g.: job training, apprenticeship to work, or houseless to work employment);
  • Community organizations providing services in district that support ESD goals/activities.


Advocacy and Administration includes, but is not limited to:

  • Personnel and administrative costs;
  • Insurance;
  • Relations with City;
  • Public relations; and
  • Financial reporting including annual audit.


Ensures financial stability and nonprofit best practice; funds long-term capital projects.

Read the proposed Service Plan and Year 1 Budget.

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