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February 6, 2019 – We are delighted to inform you that the ESD was passed unanimously by City Council on February 6th. The ESD programs will commence on July 1st. Please sign up for our newsletter for updates as we move forward.

Press release: CentralEastside_ForImmediateRelease_ESDApproved_PressRelease.2-7-19

Updated Final Service Plan CentralEastside_ESD_CouncilApprovedServicePlan_FINAL.2-7-19 (1)


January 14, 2019 – UPDATE – In response to recent concerns about the treatment of houseless in the ESD Plan, the Central Eastside Industrial Council (CEIC) has created a clarification document that can be seen here:CentralEastside_Clarification_ESDFormation_FINAL.1-10-19

Also, please see our response to the WW article here

Stretching from I-84 to the Ross Island Bridge and the Willamette River to 12th Avenue, the Central Eastside Industrial District is one of Portland’s most dynamic communities. Home to more than 2,000 businesses and 20,000 jobs, this diverse district actively welcomes makers, innovators, creatives, employees, customers and visitors 24 hours a day. Rapid district changes, including an unprecedented number of new developments in the last 18 months, significant increases in retail, restaurants, and food and beverage suppliers district wide, and thousands of new residents have brought positive national and international attention to Central Eastside and Portland. At the same time, increases in unwanted crime and grime have pervaded the district and threaten Central Eastside’s emerging reputation and business viability. As of November 2018, it had Portland’s seventh (7th) highest rate of crime per capita.  To shape Central Eastside’s future and ensure its economic prosperity, we must take advantage of new tools to clean, beautify, promote and secure our district.

We propose creating Central Eastside: Enhanced, an Enhanced Services District (ESD). An ESD is a tool that business and property owners in a defined commercial area like Central Eastside can use to fund improvements that go above and beyond normal City services (typically called a business improvement district or BID in other cities). The ESD is created, funded and controlled by district business and property owners.


Central Eastside Industrial District is the national model for a thriving urban industrial district. The Central Eastside’s diverse mix of businesses, industries, makers and creatives contributes to an innovative environment that generates quality jobs, promotes a vibrant pedestrian experience and ensures a resilient, welcoming and connected community. Central Eastside: Enhanced will foster a safer and more secure district, enhance the pedestrian experience, reinforce economic viability and promote Central Eastside’s unique identity through innovative and highly-responsive programs.


  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Responsive
  • Transparent and Equitable
  • Control and Influence


  • Increase cleanliness throughout the Central Eastside;
  • Improve safety and security for all in the Central Eastside;
  • Manage parking and transportation demand and improve wayfinding;
  • Brand the Central Eastside to increase business, customers and visitors;
  • Support innovation in all forms including strengthening Central Eastside as an employment center;
  • Increase economic viability of the Central Eastside and promote prosperity for all;
  • Ensure Central Eastside is an ideal place to create, work, live and visit.


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