Eastworks Enhanced Service District

It is an exciting time to be in the Central Eastside Industrial District. We are experiencing unprecedented growth. As with any growth period, there are definitely growing pains. Our district has been a focal point for issues relating to homeless camping, cleanliness, safety, crime, graffiti, parking and transportation.

We have an opportunity as a community, with all of its diverse types of businesses and residences, to be proactive in finding solutions to these issues for this large district. The solution is an ESD or Enhanced Services District modeled after Portland’s two existing and extremely successful Districts; Downtown Clean & Safe and GoLloyd. Called a Business Improvement District (BID) in many cities, the word “enhanced” in ESD is an especially important part of the title. An ESD does not let our City off the hook for critical services, but instead works with the City as a partner to provide enhanced services that the City needs our support in achieving. Partnership and collaboration are the foundation of this program.

What is an ESD? It is a property management license fee equitably assessed to all property owners/managers within the district boundary. Collected fees are used to fund an established list of services. The entire services list would be focused on creating an integrated program, that compliments and enhances City services to solve the challenges facing our community.

The CEIC is leading the effort to implement an ESD for the Central Eastside Industrial District. The process for implementation requires 67% of the property owners to support the formation of the ESD. As it is an assessed fee, we have proactively undertaken extensive outreach and education to our stakeholders to create a service program that they will see value in and therefore will actively support.

The following list of proposed services is the one recommended based of stakeholder input:

• District Wide Cleaning
• Sustainable homeless solutions
• District Security
• Workforce Development
• Transportation & Parking programs

For more information, please contact: kate@ceic.cc or juliana@ceic.cc

Find a more detailed services plan here: 8.2.18 Final East Works ESD Service Plan

Show your support of the ESD, even if you aren’t a property owner or manager with our template endorsement letter: ESDEndorsementLetterTemplate8.28.18

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