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Safety For All Team Structure

Hours: Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day. Saturday and Sunday, 24 hours a day except 8:30 AM – Noon*


Phone: 503-236-6830 EXT. 702

*The Care Team is available 8:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Service Area:  Zones 1 – 7

A Waiver form must be filled out for some Safety for All services.

Though our Safety for All team is able to help with a variety of issues and concerns for the community there are times where another community resource may make more sense. View our Community Safety Resource page to learn more.

Tips for reporting criminal activity

For additional information on reporting criminal activity please see our Tips for Reporting Criminal Activity document, and fill out the Crime & Incident Reporting Worksheet to help gather all relevant information.

Tips for reporting a mental health crisis

For additional information on how to report a situation where someone is experiencing a mental health crisis, please see our Tips for Reporting Mental Health Crisis document.

Service Details:

Safety Ambassadors (4 – 6 daily)

Job Description

  • Safety for All Ambassadors are unarmed and will not carry weapons of any kind.
  • Safety for all Ambassadors will not physically move anyone. 
  • Central Eastside Together and all service providers do not participate in “sweeps”.
  • If a waiver form is filled out our Safety for All Ambassadors will verbally ask people to voluntarily move who are on private property.
  • If people are blocking the right-of-way Safety Ambassadors will verbally ask people to voluntarily move out of the right-of-way.
  • Safety Ambassadors are able to offer water, dog food, snacks, and lists of resources to houseless community members.
  • We will be tracking a situational protocol that was created with city staff and community partners, demonstrating the prioritization of de-escalation techniques being utilized as well as the number of emergency calls or dispatches being made.
  • Safety Ambassadors are available for chaperones for all people, both people living outside and in need of accompaniment to transportation, work, or home.
  • Safety Ambassadors work closely with CEIC staff on a daily basis, including sending daily and monthly reports with details on all interactions. Reports will be made public on a monthly basis.

Outreach Ambassadors (3) and Care Coordinator (1) 

Outreach Ambassador Job Description

Care Coordinator Job Description

  • Care Coordinator supervises the Outreach Ambassadors.
  • Outreach Ambassadors and Care Coordinators will work Monday-Saturday during the day.
  • They will accompany Safety Ambassadors when needed to offer resources to houseless community members.
  • Services requested by houseless community members will be tracked and will be followed up on to ensure success.

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