Graffiti Removal Service Details

Provided by Graffiti Removal Services

Hours: Monday – Saturday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


Phone: 503-236-6830 EXT. 701

Service Area: Zones 1 – 8

Please Note: Weather conditions will slow removals that require a paint over

A Waiver form must be filled out prior to Graffiti Removal Services.

Graffiti Service Details

  • Hate graffiti is the top priority. You can expect a maximum of 24 hour response time.
  • All other graffiti will be responded to within 24-48 hours once  a waiver is signed.
  • The graffiti removal team is happy to offer education about cleaning tools and basic maintenance you can do on your property. Please reach out to with any questions.
  • Central Eastside Together will not be doing mural restoration. We can provide information on vendors who provide mural restoration and coating for a fee.  
  • We are not able to do acid etching or scratch removal from glass.
  • The graffiti removal team cannot do roof top graffiti removal or graffiti removals on sides of buildings that might require special equipment or poses a safety risk.

The graffiti removal services team cannot offer services in the following areas or surfaces:

  • Buildings around the railroad tracks as they are Union Pacific property.  CEIC is working closely with Union Pacific to identify solutions to the graffiti in the area. 
  • Bridges, retaining walls, bridge signs or bridge columns, as they are a protected class for Multnomah County  
    • For more information, email
  • Trimet properties including the retaining walls around bus stops.
    • To report issues to Trimet call or text a description to 503-238-7433 and press the option for customer service. You can email the issue to
  • Green utility boxes often use a special  warranty paint – if a different paint is used it voids the warranty of that box.  
    • The graffiti removal team needs specific approval to paint those boxes.
  • Parking meters
  • Road signs
    • Only PBOT staff can clean the front of road signs.
  • Bioswales are managed by the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) which improves water quality.
  • Concrete retaining walls outside of businesses.

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