Graffiti Removal Services

Central Eastside Together has launched a pilot program that includes paint-out events and $1,000 grants to alleviate expenses associated with graffiti mitigation and abatement. Services are available for all properties within the Central Eastside District.

Applications are now open for both programs.

Graffiti Paint-Out Program

The CEIC and volunteers from the City of Portland and Central City Concern are holding paint-out day events where we can cover tags under eight feet on privately owned properties in the Central Eastside.

The next Paint Out Event will be held in November. The date will be announced via email and on this page.

To receive services, you must first complete a waiver and send it to If you have already completed a waiver you do not need to submit a new one.

Paint-outs will be done by volunteers from the City of Portland & Central City Concern’s Community Volunteer Corps, with paint provided by Metro Paint. We can use the paint you provide. A business/building contact must be on site during the paint-out event. We are not able to cover tags over 8 feet or remove tags with methods other than paint. To be considered, you MUST have a Central Eastside Together Graffiti Removal Waiver on file.

Graffiti Grants Program

Central Eastside Together Graffiti Grants Program, is part of CET’s new model of Graffiti Removal Services. Grants will be distributed to Central Eastside nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals and follow these criteria: 

  • Grants will be awarded in amounts up to $1,000.00 and distributed on a reimbursable basis after graffiti removal work has been completed.
  • Applicants are eligible to receive one grant per fiscal year, and only one grant is available per building per fiscal year.
  • Eligible expenses include: paint, paintbrushes, paint rollers, paint roller cover, paint roller trays, painter’s tape, painting drop cloth, tarp, graffiti removal solution/spray, bucket, plastic scraper, gloves, safety glasses, microfiber cloth, contracted labor from a private Graffiti Removal or mural restoration contractor.

Please follow the timeline and steps below to apply for a Central Eastside Together Graffiti Removal Grant 

  1. Confirm that you have a Graffiti Removal Waiver on file or fill it out and submit it to
  1. Submit Application. Note: responses are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Upon submitting your application a confirmation email will be sent to you. If you do not receive your confirmation email please reach out to Avery Morris at
  • Applications must include a “before” photo of the tag you plan to cover.
  1. Applicants approved for a grant will be notified within seven days of submitting the application. Applicants will have thirty days from the date of notification to purchase supplies and perform the graffiti removal. 
  1. Receipts for supplies/labor and an “after” photo showing graffiti has been covered or removed are due exactly thirty days from the approval notification date.
  2. Funds will be dispersed via check after Central Eastside Together reviews receipts & photos.

Learn more about The City of Portland’s Graffiti Resources

We recommend the City of Portland’s established graffiti removal programs which can be used by those living and working in the CEID. These resources include: 

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