Central Eastside Together Board of Directors

Do you work, live, own a business or property in the Central Eastside?

Are you a good problem-solver who wants to work with your neighbors to affect positive change in the district?

Central Eastside Industrial Council (CEIC) seeks to create a Board of
Directors to manage the Central Eastside Enhanced Services District.

We invite you to apply for to be on Central Eastside Enhanced Services District “Central Eastside Together” board by December 4, 2019.

Central Eastside Together Background:
After extensive outreach to Central Eastside stakeholders and assessing successful Enhanced Services District (ESD) models in Portland and across the country, the Central Eastside Industrial Council (CEIC) (Central Eastside’s business association) created unique programs and metrics to address the district’s challenges and meet its specific needs. In February 2019, Portland City Council approved the proposed ESD, as managed by the CEIC. The average annual revenue generated by Central Eastside Together is $1.2 million. Central Eastside Together (CET) will foster a safer district, enhance the pedestrian experience, reinforce economic viability and promote Central Eastside’s unique identity through innovative and highly-responsive programs. All Central Eastside Together programs are based on our values: Collaboration, Innovation, Responsiveness, Transparency and Equity.

Central Eastside Together Goals
• Increase cleanliness throughout the Central Eastside;

• Improve safety for all in the Central Eastside;

• Manage parking and transportation demand and improve wayfinding;

• Brand the Central Eastside to increase business, customers and visitors;

• Support innovation in all forms including strengthening Central Eastside as an
employment center;

• Increase economic viability of the Central Eastside and promote prosperity for all;

• Ensure Central Eastside is an ideal place to create, work, live and visit.

Central Eastside Together Board of Directors
CET will be a 501c3 non-profit organization under the umbrella of the CEIC, a 501c6 non-profit business association. Board service is for three years. Directors meet approximately ten times a year. The Board will specifically oversee the safety, cleaning, and community grants components of CET. All Board actions will be made through the lens of equity, inclusion, sustainability and transparency, as formalized in CET’s bylaws, policies and other governing documents. Directors and staff will receive an annual Orientation explaining their legal role and responsibilities, governing practices, and outlining training for Cleaning, Graffiti and Safety for All staff. All CET programs will be in accordance with the attached services plan approved by City Council – http://ceic.cc/centraleastsidetogether/service-plan/

Board members must own property, work or live in the CET District Boundaries. The CET board will reflect district diversity including geography, entity (% set forth in the ESD service plan) and property size and type, longevity in district. Within that framework, every effort will be made to ensure Directors also reflect non-place based forms of diversity including ability, gender, race, socio-economic background et al.

To apply:
Please submit your application by December 4, 2019

Central Eastside Together Board Application Form

All nominations received by the deadline will be reviewed by the Board Nominating Committee.
The committee will then select a shortlist of candidates for interviews to take place on the
week of December 9th, 2019. The committee will select the candidates that best demonstrate
the interest, qualifications, expertise, and diversity desired. CEIC Staff will be in contact with
you before January 1st regarding the status of your application.

The Nominating Committee appreciates all the interest that we are likely to receive in these
board positions. We trust you will understand that we are unable to interview or select all of the
nominees who express interest. If a candidate you nominate, or a self-nomination, is not
selected for an interview or invited to serve on the board, we will add them to a list of
individuals to consider for future vacancies. CET Board Members terms will begin in January

Central Eastside Together Board Application

If you have questions about the board nomination process, or for more information, please contact Kate Merrill, CEIC Executive Director kate@ceic.cc , 503-236-6830 ext 705

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