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City of Portland Graffiti Resources

The City of Portland’s Graffiti Program is currently working heavily in the Central Eastside! The City’s contractor, Graffiti Removal Services, works daily to remove tags from private and public property.

All Central Eastside businesses must fill out the City’s waiver to receive free removal service. We encourage all businesses, large and small, to report tags to the city and request assistance.

CET Monthly Graffiti Paint-Out

The CEIC and volunteers from the City of Portland and Central City Concern are holding paint-out day events where we can cover tags under eight feet on privately owned properties in the Central Eastside.

The next Paint Out Event will be held in July, date to come.

Paint-outs will be done by volunteers from the City of Portland & Central City Concern’s Community Volunteer Corps, with paint provided by Metro Paint. We can use the paint you provide. A business/building contact must be on site during the paint-out event. We are not able to cover tags over 8 feet or remove tags with methods other than paint.

Graffiti Grants Program

The Central Eastside Together Graffiti Program is closed for the 22-23 year. We are pleased to have distributed grants to support more than 40 projects, covering 8,000 square feet.

More Resources

Free paint and supplies courtesy of the City of Portland, Miller Paint, and Metro Paint:

Prevent Graffiti through Environmental Design:

  • Plant fast-growing, low-maintenance bushes or trees along the sides of buildings. For example, “Rosa Rugosa” helps protect buildings and doesn’t need much attention once it is planted.
  • Install lattice-work trellises with vines on the side of the building to reduce open space.
  • Improve outside lighting and install visible security cameras.
  • Add intentional art to the exterior of your building to deter unwanted tagging and graffiti.

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