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The following message is from Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT):

As you may have already heard, Governor Kate Brown announced today additional measures to slow the spread of Covid-19. Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 18, restaurants and bars will be restricted to takeout only and retail businesses must operate at a limited capacity.

These restrictions will be in place for a minimum of two weeks across the state but will last at least four weeks in Multnomah County due to a rising number of cases.

As your business plans to adapt to these restrictions, please consider the following:

Outdoor Spaces and Structures

  • Apply for new or additional 5-minute parking spaces near your business to make it easier for customers to pick up orders. Send an email to and they will help you apply.
  • Make sure your permitted space is in good order. If your business will have limited hours, ensure that all portable materials are secured and safe during potential weather events.
  • If spaces are inactive, remove canopies, tents, heaters, and electrical cords to ensure safety during potential weather events. Consider removing all dining furniture and equipment from the sidewalk to provide the maximum amount of space for pedestrians and waiting customers. At least 6 feet of space is always required for members of the public to pass through the area.
  • Repurposing permitted on-street space to provide a safe area for customers waiting for pick-up orders.

Winter Weather

  • Storm drains: Please ensure that nearby storm drains are cleared of leaves to prevent pools of water at permitted spaces. 
  • Storms and wind: Furniture and tents must be secured when wind is expected, to prevent items from blowing into vehicle lanes or onto the sidewalk. 
  • Snow and ice: Tents must be removed when snow or ice is expected. You may want to remove other equipment to prevent the accumulation of sand, gravel, and snow from plows and other maintenance activities. Visit our Winter Weather Center for info on snow and ice routes.

Thinking Ahead

  • Make sure your current contact information is on file with PBOT, especially if your business will have limited hours. It is important that PBOT is able to contact you to coordinate any potential maintenance or utility work near your business.
  • Keep up with the latest news on COVID-19 restrictions by monitoring local news outlets and COVID-19 guidance and information from Multnomah County and the City of Portland.

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