Hood To Coast Relay Coming Through The Central Eastside

The 40th anniversary Hood To Coast Relay would like to notify the CEID of the route utilized for the past eleven years, for the 2022 race on Friday, August 26th.  Hood To Coast Relay has again been granted approval and permission from the Portland Parks and Recreation Department to utilize the ‘Leg 12’ route utilized from 2009-2021 as has been permitted for the event.

In the route, Hood To Coast runners turn right from the end of Springwater Trail onto SE 19th Avenue, proceed .19 miles to SE Sherrett Street and turn left, proceed .57 miles to SE 9th, turn a quick right, and subsequent left onto SE Umatilla Street and right onto Willamette/Springwater Trail. Runners continue to the trail’s end in 3.19 miles to SE 4th Ave, south of OMSI.  Runners then turn left from Water Avenue, onto Caruthers Street, and subsequently onto the Eastbank Esplanade for a short distance turning right to the Exchange hand-off on the adjacent sidewalk near the Tilikum Crossing Bridge. After passing the wrist wrap baton to their next teammate, the runner takes the ramp up and over the Tilikum Crossing Bridge to the path on the west side of Waterfront Park.

We have 1050 teams beginning the event at Timberline Lodge, on Mount Hood.  Approximately 20-25 runners are sent off in waves every 5 minutes, from 2:30 am – 2:55 pm.  Thus, the 1050 total runners on the race course are spread out over a minimum of 11 hours and 70 miles (or approximately one runner every two blocks).  We anticipate Hood To Coast runners to be on ‘Leg 12’ from 12:00 PM, Friday, August 26th until about 12:45 AM the following morning. 

The Hood To Coast Relay provides over 3,600 trained volunteers along the entire race course, (including assigned volunteer positions at all turns and major crossings on ‘Leg 12’).

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